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Source protection is more than just setting up a secure leaks/whistleblowing platform. These are awesome and getting better and more usable, but they don't actually solve the problem. In fact, if you haven't figured out your workflows and policies to protect a source while working with their material, then you're just inviting trouble for which you aren't prepared.

We treat the planet like this because, at the end of the day, while we need it doesn't really need us... and we know it and it makes us angry.

Not to mention the shift to pushing more of them out online. Who buys shoes online? How do you know they're going to fit, be the right width as well as length, have good support, etc? Madness.

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Trying to find the right pair of new boots is a torturous process. Shoe companies have entered a highly horrible stage of pooping out either developing really shit designs for multi-purpose needs, or really crappy manufacturing and yet single-purpose needs.

So many people wistfully note that "being heard" is a core human need but fail to appreciate that the ability to listen is required to accomplish all the rest of them.

Dealing with other people's mid life crises is the opposite of my new year plans.

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"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice:

"Open source is the unpaid internship of tech." A nice year-end rant on organisational debt and Rust.

If you're in UK and in a comfortable situation here, consider reaching out to the Kent Refugee Action Network to see how you can lend direct support to migrants crossing the Channel to land in Dover. It is a crisis, but not for the UK, just for the people who needed to make that journey.

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essay about software 

this essay is probably the one i'm most proud of from this year: "Regarding why software is so bad"

> Only together can we seize the craft from the industry. Only together can we demand and develop the high ethical standards that public infrastructure requires. We are not scabs or mercenaries. We are craftspeople, and we will do our craft justice.

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A number of years ago (2008 or '09(?) either at Blackhat or CCC) there was a really interesting (and I mean frightening) presentation on overclocked stock trading servers that are stripped of everything including a number of common security settings in the name of eliminating latency. The video of it seems to have dropped off the internet, but I think about it every now and again. If anyone recognises this vague description and has a link, please share it. Wonder how much remains relevant.

Another year I'm not at CCC. :-/

Happy attending all you lucky, maniacal beauties. Share the best docs, vids and repos.

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I'm on the selection committee for The Digital Whistle Blowing Fund. If your org is in need of a more secure way for sources to send you information, apply here

Having 1 out of 3 flats in a house is a good way to make sure 2 out of 3 have a good way to mess up your plumbing.

I for one feel discriminated agsinst by the local Sainsbury not carrying large size Marigold washing up gloves, and it should be a crime.

Managing a kid's Xbox account is a UX nightmare in which Microsoft doubles its efforts to make your life hell.

, the Sandra Bullock post-apocalyptic film on Netflix. People en masse commit suidice when they see some sort of weird, undefined terror. Doesnt' effect the blind, of course, but also not the insane, who are somehow fine or better at accepting whatever horrible thing it is, and just want everyone else to see it as well.

Another film in which I end up rooting for the baddies. Obviously the mentally unstable are just the next evolution in things and wanting to bring more people along.

The good thing is that this Dickensian authoritarian holiday cheer march ends in 3 days.

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