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Here's a Ronald Reagan update: he is still dead. Hallelujah!

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Here in the wurst timeline, we are all learning first-hand how the sausage is made

Yea, I think I'm coming back to!

I thinking about using this account again so I can be on a larger server.

We're getting pallets from the 24th century over here.

Even animal control is dressed like they're soldiers now.

So I was going to work tomorrow, then I wasn't, and now I am again. I could use the cash but I was looking forward to the day off.

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Examining history to find erased transfolk 

Work work work. Dysphoria dysphoria dysphoria. At least I got some legging on under my pants

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food, work, ph-, mh+ 

cancelled monday by texting in sick and my lead hasn't gotten back to me yet. was i just quietly fired? did i ever have a job? did i cancel monday for everyone?

whatever, i'm gonna snuggle up with ginger tea and try to draw scorpia

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dysphoria, body hair, selfcare 

Always gotta repeat to self:

• Shaving is selfcare. The good kind, not the consumerism kind. It does psychic healing.

• Shaving is an expression of body autonomy.

• Shaving feels like a waste of time. But the alternative is to be dysphoric and depressed, drained of energy. And zoning out on reddit all day is the real waste of time; no healing.

• Shaving feels vain. To challenge that is to assert that gender expression matters.

#transgender #dysphoria #selfcare


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