It’s hot out today.
(How hot is it??)
It’s hot enough my mood ring Xbox controller is lighting up just by sitting there.

Wowzers. Changed my meds and dang if my head ain’t swimmy. It’s going to be an interesting week.

These days, when I see a large group walking down the street carrying flags, I can only see red flags. Congratulations, fascists, you’ve ruined flags for me.

There really needs to be a photo app that locks you into a selected album for passing a phone around. (If you know of such an app, lemme know!)

It’s the fucking ‘20s now. That messes with my notion of the ‘20s. My brain hurts holding a century of human events in my head.

Don’t Look Up spoilers 

Just watched Don’t Look Up on Netflix. First off, pretty decent social commentary. Second, I kept saying to myself the whole movie “they better fucking destroy the planet. They better not chicken out, and destroy the fucking planet”… I’m glad to say; they did not disappoint.

Apropos nothing, my tea cupboard smells amazing. It’s got just the right combo of smells. Therefore, I can never make tea again, lest I disrupt this heavenly scent 😂

Applied for a new job. After almost a decade as a SRE, I’m going back to my SWE roots.

Just added support for membership changes in my Raft library. Seeing my code work is still awesome. It’s like magic!

Worth adding, I only learned about this site via an email asking for me to give them money.

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Is it just me, or is this cert sus? The site is apparently DHL, but I cannot find anything to indicate it’s legit.

How to tell your brain just isn’t in it today: spent five minutes walking around the house trying to find my phone… it was in my hand.

I just opened up the orange site and quickly remembered why I try to avoid the orange site.

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Another thing that new users may not realize is that your Mastodon account isn't limited to following other Mastodon accounts. Mastodon uses a common open source protocol called ActivityPub, and can interact with other services that use that same protocol. Pleroma, for example, or PeerTube, or PixelFed. It's like being able to subscribe to Instagram or YouTube from your Twitter account.

About to drop 500 USD on some Glorious gear (GMMK Pro & model I). Bad life choices? Or best life choices? 🤔

Womp. The compile/run/iterate cycle is more of a pain when I need to kill 5 nodes to wipe state before I can do a new test run.

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A sincere tip for longtime fediverse people who would like their friends to stick around here longer than a week:

If you're on Mastodon or Hometown, you can click the "bell" icon in the profile of someone you follow. This will make it so that every time they post, it will appear in your notifications like an "@". I am enabling this temporarily for friends so that I remember to interact with them. This is important for making this place feel more lively and helps people stick around!

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