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🌐 🌿 List of ethical, easy to use, privacy conscious softwares:

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2020 plans: Migrate to decentralised, open source platforms.
(Txt: Chart showing alternatives to Adobe via @inkfycreates )

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just found out that Facebook was drilling under the Oregon coast to connect a high-speed cable to Asia earlier this year when an accident left drilling equipment and 6,500 gallons of drilling fluid stranded beneath the seafloor. The company has no plans to retrieve it.



Issue 1: As Covid-19 rages across our country, a huge
number of retrenchments are occurring in
the ‘Silicon Valleys’ of India:


Image via @/ReleaseSUsmani (Twitter)

Sharjeel Usmani has been sent to 15 days Judicial custody after being illegally picked up from his house. -- via Ladeeda Farzana


Five men in plain clothes claiming to be from UP Police today ‘arrested’ Aligarh Muslim University Ex-student Sharjeel Usmani from his native place in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.


Write to the Ministry of Environment.. to Pushing it during a pandemic is highly suspect. Deadline 30 June!

Template and resources:

LG Polymer gas leak, Vizag :
7 May 2020

Oil India Fire at Baghjan Tinsukia, Assam:
9 June 2020

Write to the Ministry of Environment to DEADLINE 30 JUNE

The present draft will escalate these kind of disasters. Resources and toolkit:

URGENT! Write to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India to !!


The present draft systematically dilutes safeguards to favour industrial projects and their ease of doing business.

Thank you to folks who put together the toolkit. It literally takes 5 minutes: resources, email templates here:

Invoking the constitution in the anti movement does not help us. Interview with Sharjeel Usmani

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Further Reading: Street Medic Guide
Guides on chemicals & preparedness
A free manual for practicing insurrectionary medicine

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Mukti works primarily in the Sundarban area one of the most delicate ecosystems in the world

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Ebong Alap (এবং আলাপ)

Ebong Alap is a feminist group of writers, teachers, journalists, researchers and performance artists to focus on critical pedagogy and gender-sensitive citizenship.

EA has been working in the Sundarbans for several years now, particularly with women and the student community in Bali. Now they are organizing relief for these areas.

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