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🌐 🌿 List of ethical, easy to use, privacy conscious softwares:

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2020 plans: Migrate to decentralised, open source platforms.
(Txt: Chart showing alternatives to Adobe via @inkfycreates )

Value your sympathy. Don’t waste it. This was all hard-wired from the start.

Never is power more toxic than when it is almost spent.
Come back in 100 years. None of this can be saved.

It’s too late to intervene. You must step away. Let nature take its course.


Somewhere near you, the men in between will be wearing rubber flippers running a marathon over razor blades carrying babies.

They’ll do anything for attention.
Others barricade themselves inside and watch furiously through sand bags or cling to flagpoles or bury themselves alive in golden man pits.

What once quivered now pushes up his gullet like a great white swan of pain.
It’s too late to intervene. You must step away. Let nature take its course.

Somewhere near you, a much younger man will be gripping a school desk, as his life rockets into the void.

His brains will spill over the mocking examination paper then slop down into the Victorian sewer system of which we are still so proud.

All he has ever learned is what’s expected of him. Show no comfort.
No doors out. No path back. No window except his peeping phone.

Do not approach them. Like eucalyptus in forest fires, they burn too fiercely to be extinguished, black oil pumping from a fossil heart, their limbs so wickery and feet already stone.
It’s too late to intervene.

You must step away. Let nature take its course.


Poem on Patriarchy 

Anyone good soul who can guide me on becoming an Android app developer!

Modi: This Bill is in line with India's centuries old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values

Reality: India is a 72 year old country that has Kashmir under total communication lockdown at the moment and is responsible for the most militarised zone in the world.

Tragedy at the trilobite party 480 mya, right as the conga line got started

Relate hard with this. It would be a funny tom & jerry type sketch if one animated the dupatta like one of those vintage snakey-ropey type thing and the women (seeing my mom) struggling to chase it

Bengaluru’s Bangladeshi labourers should be proud; the shame is ours.

"Bangladeshis living in the city (Bangalore) are open about their nationality. In fact..the police have been regularly visiting Bangladeshi settlements to allegedly collect protection money from them

(motorbike patrol)= ₹100- ₹150/day
(SUV patrol) = ₹200/alternate day

The police are trying to make as much money as possible before the government tightens the screws even further."

"While it was quite common to be without dupatta among women, there would be frantic dupatta-search once a male relative would come around unannounced."

The Sexual Politics of Dupatta

Just discovered Khrupi, currently reading: The strange dichotomies of Bollywood by Sharjeel Usmani

"Hindu American Foundation has been trying to build a Hindu version of AIPAC"

Kamala Harris has hollowed out all her Indian-ness until it has some political utility.

Tulsi's entire career has been shaped by her ties to Hindutva. "She is like a white girl that got radicalised at Auroville"

Nikkey Haley has successfully passed as a suburban white mom.

podcast, US-India pol 

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