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There are more than five acceptable colors of pants.

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Bad idea of the day: make it difficult for people to use your unpublished pseudo-internal functions by prefixing the function names with の.

* It looks similar to 🚫
* It's pronounced "no"
* It's not on most people's keyboards outside of Japan.
* It's valid in JavaScript and some other languages as the first character in a name.

Bad idea of the day: a DNA sequencing service that ties your record to a financial instrument in Grand Cayman for anonymity.


Last night my scooter was stolen from outside a local bar. I'm not really mad except about the extra work to file police reports, get copies, talk to insurance, etc. But I still feel like there are complicated emotions that I can't really unpack but also remind me to empathize with people who suffer from Mandela effect dissonance.

Last week, I discovered #xpra ("Screen for X11"), and after a week of use, I'm impressed! xpra.org

I've used it to run graphical applications on one computer and interact with them from a different computer. And I can honestly say that I can't notice a difference compared to running the app locally.

It's basically what I always wanted #vnc to be—but without any of the lag I always experienced with VNC.

Also, cruise ships are floating Fritz Lang Metropolis normietowns.

I imagine some alternate stub of history, where the US had a commitment to infrastructure that we currently only attribute to China and some petrostates, would have connected AK-7 (colloquially "The Road") to Haines and Skagway by the early aughts. I also suspect it would require much weaker than average NIMBYism.

It's still boggling my mind a bit that we have a state capital somewhere other than Hawaii [namely, Juneau] that can't be reached by road from the mainland.

I am back from my west coast adventures as of last night. Other than MSP airport, every place I have been in the last 1.5 weeks was for the first time:
* Alaska
* Anchorage / Juneau / Skagway / Ketchikan
* BC
* Vancouver
* A cruise ship
* A glacier
* A rainforest

paging the bot community, #botAlly, @botwikidotorg@twitter.com, #bots, this thesis is very much about art-bot practices, also some useful notes for the #AI community, especially chapter 6 on "figurations". also paging @SchoolOfMaaa@twitter.com @UAL_CCi@twitter.com
RT @M_PF@twitter.com
📡📡@GoldsmithsUoL have put my PhD the@botwikidotorg@twitter.comresearch portal, along with all the practice-based contributions (bot source code, images, 3D …

"SMART (surveillance marketed as revolutionary technology)"

That's a great acronym!

stop 👏 putting 👏 every 👏 protocol 👏 on 👏 top 👏 of 👏 https 👏 god 👏 fucking 👏 damn 👏 it

Waiting for a plane at log N airport, but served by Exponential Airlines, so it all balances out

Tired: save the animals
Wired: hype the animals
Inspired: frame the animals
Glitched: orb the animals


The best definition for "Growth Hacking" I've ever heard: "finding new values and principles that could be sacrificed in pursuit of revenue"

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