It's really bizarre how people will taunt right wing militias for being far less powerful than a tank, then later when there's a decisive reactionary shift in high level government, those same people wonder aloud why the revolution isn't here.

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@enkiv2 BTW thanks for turning me on to Tedium (by way of articles you linked to in the recent past). It's my new favorite time waster read.

@enkiv2 BTW thanks for turning me on to Tedium (by way of articles you linked to in the recent past). It's my new favorite time waster read.

this is a moderate compromise position that is several steps back from what I actually believe, "'wake on keyword' should be illegal and all voice control devices should have the microphone wired in through a hardware key switch"

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every time I see a political campaign website that says "I think healthcare is a right, not a privilege" and continues "and that's why we need to fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act" my insurance rates go up 5%

Need a Developer well versed in Node.JS, PHP, & Python who's not afraid to get his hands dirty outside of his comfort zone?

How about some light System Administration?

Need emails, ads, landing pages, or entire sites?

Want a twitter bot or chatbot?

Want to automate your tasks?

Need simple solutions for complex problems in the digital age?

I'm your man!

I'm back on the job hunt, #Pittsburgh & #Remote

Hit Me Up!

visit for more info

you might want to consider whether you really want your decisions to be based on what random people on the internet say.

TIL that R6RS and later adopted the "you can use () or [] for parens but they must match" syntax from DrRacket (nee DrScheme).

IMO it massively increases Lisp readability.

"lisp is cool and all but the syntax is too advanced for most people"

Racket literally started to teach youth how to code

Bootstrap World is a series of classes teaching middle school kids math concepts through programming videogames with Racket in the browser

The real barrier isn't the syntax, but existing familiarity with other languages, and an editor which supports the language.

android 9: you dismiss these notifications a lot, do you want to hide them
10: hey developer, want to make sure your notification gets seen? new: adsense for android notifications
11: tired of notification ads? subscribe to google one and we'll replace them with pictures of cats

Designers, designating a file named "v2.3-final-edited-done.psd" asks "Is this source control?"

so thrilling that is up now!
if you want a bot on Mastodon, this is how to do it. all kudos to @boodoo!

Fun fact: while you may only have heard of Mastodon recently, it's been around for a while! @Gargron registered the domain '' in March 2016, and hundreds of people have contributed to its development since then.

Let's take a moment to say thank you to the thousands of people who have contributed to Mastodon's development and community over the last two and a half years! We wouldn't be where we are without you!

Vacation over, unfortunately, but I got to bookend it with meeting both @JKirchartz and @enkiv2, so that was pretty awesome.

Now to fix all the stuff that broke while I was gone...

Hey, it's time for me to get on the train!

I'm an American currently living in Worcester, Massachusetts; late 30s, male. I work as a Web developer for Bitovi.

I made >30 bots on birdsite, and am affiliated with ; I also maintain a birdsite library for Google Script.

I was a champion in competitive cooking, now retired. I now write competitively on stage for the Federation of Belligerent Writers, and otherwise for a recurring project: Eponymy in August.

I love pinball.

All of today's boosts happened from the beach. This is my way of saying I appreciate you and I wish you were here (at the beach).

Hot take: the existence of garden path sentences tells us that: 1) language isn't so much a representation of meaning as a way of representing constraints for possible intepretation, and 2) we start processing before all the constraints have arrived

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