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If Spongebob has square pants, does he also have a block cock?

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Corona lockdown projects currently include giving corseting a try. Just finished the seasoning process on my first one.
Pic 1: comfortable cinch
Pic 2: tightest cinch after 6hrs

I really think I would grok typescript more if I could write code instead of continually refactoring types based on compilation errors.


If you are a MA voter, please make a plan for being able to vote in the democratic primary, and please vote for Ed Markey. Please

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Governor Baker announced mandatory masks in public spaces when keeping distance was not possible, starting May 6. Here's a mask my sister sewed for me long before this was announced.

Dear frontend developers.

Please, don't make Sign Up button highlighted compared to Sign In button.
Please, don't hide Sign In button somewhere in submenus. Place it next to register button.


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27 years ago, Groundhog Day predicted our big mood.

show of hands, who here has ever suffixed a constant with "_MS"?

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One thing that persistently bugs me about static type systems (in the languages I use on a daily basis) is that the way they'd be most useful to me is to dictate that a duration represented as a number is measured in milliseconds, and they can't do that.

This sort of thing was the original motivating reason for reverse polish notation, but like, can we not?


The American presidential election is drawing tight parallels to Central American elections in the 1980s, in that a populist socialist candidate remains incredibly popular despite the CIA using channels to the national media to smear him, interfering in the election, and propping up its own favorite candidate as the primary rival.

Also because we're just replaying the 1980s, my new nickname for Pete Buttigieg is Spooks McKinsey.

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I'm returning to Cupid's Undie Run Boston tomorrow and would appreciate a donation in any amount if rent/student loans/healthcare costs haven't already spoken for all your money.

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Weird blind spot in 2016 election analysis: I easily found voter turnout data with demographic breakdowns, and I found exit polls broken down by party affiliation, but I can't find national voter turnout by party affiliation. (I did find it for some individual states)

"It seems in our New Dark 1.2 each country has a choice between a neo-liberal overlord who will take your money and give it to their friends and a ethno-nationalist proto-fascist who will take your money and give it to their friends, with the only difference between the two being whom they're blaming for the grift instead of themselves.[...]Warren Ellis anticipated this phenomenon in Transmetropolitan when he talked about politicians being either The Smiler or The Beast."

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I am absolutely dating myself with the use of NO CARRIER as a punchline.

While you are still a student, take the opportunity to dive deep into things you find interesting & do things the hard way as a learning experience. Working full time means being ordered to cut corners & do things you know are wrong just because somebody up the chain read some hype, and then barely having enough energy to feed yourself once you finally get home.

Seeing icicles formed on a cliff carved out of a hillside to make room for a highway reminds me of Pittsburgh, where I am now heading.


The Venn digram of people mad that Bernie Sanders endorsed Cenk Uygur and people who think Michelle Obama should run for president while still being friends with George W. Bush is a circle.

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