One of the serious problems with viewing things like copyright as intellectual property rather than a specially granted, limited monopoly is that it prejudices all discussions.

If a phone manufacturer locks down all phones to keep people from installing whatever software they want or institutes noncompete requirements in their app stores or whatever other garbage, a lot of people are going to implicitly be on the phone's side and require a VERY STRONG rationale to 'arbitrarily deprive the company of its property rights'.

Such rationales exist, but the huge presumption based on the already problematic Awe and Reverence for the Word Property really screws up our legal and policy framework.

On the other hand if we made it clear to everyone that we're granting a monopoly to achieve specific social purposes and with specific requirements, then any use of the monopoly would be tried against those enumerated social goods.

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If a thing A has the characteristics that define category B, where B is also the name of the canonical example thing defined by category B, then A should be considered as belonging to B when asked to clarify such thing, even if A doesn't closely resemble *thing* B. If this is a problem for people, then they should divorce category B from thing B by making one of them not named B.

Anyway, a hot dog is a sandwich. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Since related ideas are circulating again, here's my freshly reheated take: making sure your criticisms of reprehensible people are on-topic (focusing on the represhensible parts of them) solves all kinds of problems.

Just remembering that in less than a month we'll have a new Sterling/Lebkowsky SOTW and I'm actually excited about that.

watch out for my new work, "Text Page," an interactive poem where text behaves like it's on a page

It's not every day that I have to have a Debian instance running in a VM so I can test for differences between OSX and Linux for builds and deployments, but that's where we are today.

I've done at least 10x the volunteer work for Yes on 3 in Massachusetts as I did for the Sanders campaign in 2016. It's not enough to just win; we have to crush it in order to dissuade these referenda from happening in other states. I know you're good people reading this toot right now. This one really matters. Please vote.

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election reminder that you and the democrats are basically playing the iterated prisoner's dilemma and if you signal to them that you're always going to forgive, they lose their incentive not to defect

Vincent: You know what they call an immigrant without papers, in America?
Jules: they don't call him an immigrant?
V: They got the racism, they wouldn't know what the fuck an immigrant is.
J: Well what do they call him?
V: They call him, an illegal.
J [looking at Vincent]: an illegal. What do they call a child born to immigrant parents?
V: A child's a child, but they call it _not a birthright citizen_.
J [laughs]: What do they call a refugee?
Vincent: I don't know, I didn't go into Canada.

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in-browser ansi stars (again w/xtermjs). this is pretty much all I ever wanted programming to be

It's really bizarre how people will taunt right wing militias for being far less powerful than a tank, then later when there's a decisive reactionary shift in high level government, those same people wonder aloud why the revolution isn't here.

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@enkiv2 BTW thanks for turning me on to Tedium (by way of articles you linked to in the recent past). It's my new favorite time waster read.

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