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Bradley Momberger

How to succeed in tech:
1. Ignore labor law. It's not for people like you.
2. Image is everything. Make sure you seem successful, especially if you're not.
3. Ignore problems until it's too late, then call them inevitable.
4. Bury your failures until an imagined future success turns them into stepping stones.

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If you're thinking about creating a bot, think twice and know is an instance, it exists and is where your bot account should likely live.

Mastodon is PEOPLE FIRST and a poorly developed bot and/or a bad actor bot will get you strung up by your toenails quickly.

Seriously, think twice.

tl;dr version:
1) While russian intelligence is meddling in american politics via psyops, most of that isn't done with bots.
2) Most bots aren't doing political psyops. A lot of them are capitalist ones.
3) Most bots doing american political psyops aren't russian-owned or russian-operated.

Basically, the whole domain is pretty complicated, and "ban russian bots" is a stupid & bad take.

sorry to yell at you mastodon but maybe sit on that impulse to respond to someone's frustration with "ah but the solution is obvious, silly!" i want to be friends with you all, not have you all as My Own Personal StackOverflow In Response To Everything I Say

TIL there is a dialect of Racket that compiles to the Ethereum virtual machine.......... called Pyramid Scheme.

This is wonderful.

H/T @enkiv2 and @drwho

If you want to do something for my birthday, take some code you made and open source it, or take some media you made and creative commons it. That will make me happy.

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@b3yond @natecull A lot of problems come out of people taking a system intended for a particular purpose (like small-scale resource distribution), entering "lizard pancakes" when it asks for a positive whole number, and trusting its judgement when it responds with "kill all redheads"

It's 2018 and ads on the Web can still continuously scroll themselves into view.

@darius Getting up to speed on bots on Mastodon, was wondering how you did @twoheadlines -- did you just add Mastodon posting to the same server job as the Twitter version?

I finally made my first bot that posts to Mastodon. @pingarden fires a pinball into a random field of pins and bumpers, and makes a GIF of up to 30s of pin action.

Yet todo:
- Twitter reposting.
- Better encoding (MP4 via FFMPEG would allow more than 10fps)
- vary the initial impulse of the ball a bit
- implement custom drawing so it looks a bit better
- Write up lessons learned and give shoutouts to supporting creators.

Hello Mastodon and viewers worldwide.