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Guj HC gives interim relief against compulsory PAN -Aadhaar linkage! Until SC decides whether Aadhaar Act was validly passed as a Money Bill (referred to larger bench in Rojer Matthew v. South Indian Bank & Ors) BK Soparkar v. Union of India, CBDT #AadhaarLitigationTracker

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Just me or entire is having a mobile data "outage"! Airtel that is.

This is the new high (of tricks) for me when packing for a destination.

I used to load balance within checked-in vs cabin baggages.


Just me or the Vande Mataram is actually muted?

Time to boycott the video site?

Watch "T20I IND VS SL Guwahati barsapara Cricket Stadium 04.01.2020" on YouTube

Dasharatha accidentally killed Shravana thinking he was a deer. Even knowing it was an accident, his grieving parents cursed him with Putrashoka (grief of a child). It came true. This is Ramayana.

What do you think the curse is for deliberately killing someone's child?

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I came here to read about the only link with AR Rahman, Jumbalika from Thakshak. Disappointed it is missing.

Alisha Chinai - Wikipedia

is going thru that moment where time, money, effort, prayers and strategy were put in with synergy. But the result was not delivered successful. 😐

How many of your are still appalled that Doubleclick was aquired by the big G?

I am, for sure.

I started with a 2x CD-ROM drive ().

What speed was your (first) drive?

The official list of Mastodon apps is updated! Additions:

Mastonaut for Mac
Mast for Mac
Cuckoo+ for Web

Furthermore, @JPEG's Mast for iOS is now free!


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