We had a short protest against the Transgender (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 at Townhall, Bangalore today evening in light of its passage by the Rajya Sabha. Post the protest, a meeting to discuss the way forward was held. Certain key takeaways from the protest and the meeting, in summary: (1/n)

1. The Transgender community is strongly against the 'Trans Bill 2019' for its draconian nature, its conflation of sex and identity, its inability to secure any “rights” for the community and its flagrant violation of the right of self-determination guaranteed by the NALSA judgement of 2014 and various international legal instruments. It currently awaits presidential assent. (2/n)

To quote a trans woman, 'It's a privilege that heterosexual people enjoy. Imagine going infront someone to bare yourself and get certified. We strongly condemn this bill'
2. They express serious concern over the reduced penalties for violence for crimes against trans people. This will only increase the crimes committed against them. While crimes against cis women are charged with imprisonments for 7 years, a reduced sentence is prescribed for trans women. This is blatantly discriminatory. (3/n)

3. There will be a large scale protest at Townhall, Bangalore tomorrow (27.11.2019) at 5 PM with press coverage. Please show up in large numbers.
4. Allies and the community will send out demands against the bill. Various protests will be staged across the country over the next week. Stand in solidarity with trans people! (4/n)

6. The bill MUST be scrapped as it is against the rights and principles outlined by the Supreme Court in the National Legal Service Authority v. union of India judgement [NALSA] (Legal Recognition for Persons transitioning within male/female binary), Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) and Anr. vs Union Of India And Ors. (Right to privacy) and Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India (Decriminalization of Section 377). (5/n)

7. The implementation of bill is left to state governments, as it is passed by the Ministry of Social Justice and the issue falls under the concurrent list. The reason why we don't see a massive resistance from Kerala is their State Government has promised the community not to implement the bill in any form in the state. (6/n)

What can we do:

1. SPREAD AWARENESS. One of the police officers on duty during protests asked us the meaning of LGBTQ. He didn't know what is what. He didn't know why are against it. Let your social circle know about the bill and it's shortcomings. Your access to knowledge is a privilege. Use it. Show up for trans people!
2. Create social media storm using the hashtag (although not a bill anymore) as it has garnered attention already. (7/n)

3. Come for the protest. Spread the word. Wear black.
4. Resist! To quote Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on this Constitution Day, 'Lost rights are never regained by appeals to the conscience of the usurpers, but by relentless struggle' (8/n)

5. Social injustice can be fought only when we go till the grassroot level. We select representatives from our constituency to the Parliament so that our grievances will be redressed. Tag these representatives who are ignorant about actual issues faced by people whenever you share something. Let them know you wanted to be heard. (9/n)

While these steps are good, as I have been saying, we need to organize and enter politics forming coalitions with others who are outraged on various policies. It may not work short term, but we need to start at least today, if we want to reverse it later.

Can you help @piratesin to make a statement on this issue? loomio.org/d/SJgKO4Hj/a-pirate We tried in the past to get #lgbt community involved with us to add community demands in our manifesto, but could not.

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