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Good morning everyone.

Starting a new thread on the Women Safety App. Creating a hash tag so as to make it easier to search toots for future reference.

Have removed people who hadn't taken part in the discussion and added others who have expressed interest in this.

Adding few more thoughts in the below thread.

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Can't even begin to explain how happy i am to see this initiative.
My suggestions:
1. Men should be actively included in this network. Only when they see the horrors of reality closely, people will spread the awareness
2. Ratings for police station is an excellent idea. If we make it competitive, stations will strive to show that they are better.


one of the things I would suggest that the data remain outside India, somewhere where we don't have any diplomatic relations. This is to ensure that nobody can fiddle or shut down the operations remotely or find info. on people etc. 1/n

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I do have anecdotal stories and evidences where state actors have vandalized servers and data which is not suited to the narrative. This is just a suggestion.

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@shirishag75 I am sure you do, but for the moment can we please keep this simple and easy to execute. Once it is launched, usable, stable those complications can be brought in. If you make it complicated from the get go the uptake won't be there... even on the back end... @amangupta @Vishsai @ajeeshrp7 @KnottedBow @musafir @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor

@KayKap agreed. Just sharing so it's in the list of things people should/will need to work on. When to do it, how to do it is again something we will need to figure out just as understanding UI and things.

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@shirishag75 Questions for the tech people

a. Can't we restrict the amount of data collected. What is the least we can collect to make it work?

Creating a list of must data requirement plus another one with options of data that can be collected and what are the benefits that can be derived and the issues of having that data.

@KayKap @amangupta @ajeeshrp7 @KnottedBow @musafir @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor

Name, number, location would be the basics I suppose.
(I am out of loop about what was shared in the Google docs u guys prepared, coz I am out of that, at least for now)

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Please let me know if I can share it in any other way. I don't want people to miss out on things on the cost of revealing identities or any other restrictions. Others, please suggest. Can I use pad.riseup.net/p/wmG2x4cspsdPC and share it only to @KnottedBow through private ping. Will that work?

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If you make a pad, don't announce it on public TL if you want the pad to remain private. Although IIRC, in pads you can also make it private or public and have varying authorship rights.

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I'll copy paste the content there also and ping her in private. I also need to update the doc with the discussion so far.

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@ajeeshrp7 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @KayKap

There is CIS bangalore as well. Maybe if somebody is from bangalore, could contact them. I do know they had done some work on something similar sometime ago. Maybe one could talk to them.


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Hi all, I did make a blog post about the thoughts that had been whirling in my head from last few days. Hopefully this may at one level may make for engaging read, at the other I hope it entices others to also take up some of the points I made and flesh it out perhaps a bit more.


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Hi all! Initiating the convo, because, honestly I'm feeling demotivated with reviews from my personal circle and most of the ladies from here. I'm confused of what our stand is now? I participated in the conversation with great hopes only because the conversation was initiated by a woman. Please let us know your thoughts 🙏

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We will fix a time for evenings to discuss. Others have also echoed the same here. Can we meet after 7, say 8 to 9 or 9 to 10? Pls do feel free to propose any other suitable time. The maximum compatible one can be fixed.

@ajeeshrp7 @VivekT @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @KayKap @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun I will make a poll for this, so that ppl can vote whenever they login to conclude the timing.

@VivekT - this is the conversation, right? On an app to help women who may be at risk? I saw the original conversation on creating a database on safe people to call when in distress. Not sure how we will vet such a database though, and didn’t have any other ideas, so didn’t say anything. will follow d discussion & give inputs

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Hey everyone, based on the votes till now 9 pm to 10 pm seem to be the popular choice. So, we ll discuss today at 9 pm. Of course, we can all post in this thread anytime. So ppl who are not able to login by 9, can toot their views before or after and we will all discuss on the points on the decides slot.

@shinjini please do send your email to
@ajeeshrp7 via DM as there as a document along with the discussion here. Which gives a detail look on things discussed here. And you can add or criticize any points. Any feedback is v welcome.

@VivekT @KayKap @tempearth @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

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Have you guys seen this app called Smashboard? Just reading about it on Scroll. They seem to have some similar features but maybe a slightly different focus from what we are thinking of creating.

@shinjini I believe this comes into picture post incidents. What we can try is to get info about locations from this app. How much is that feasible?
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@ajeeshrp7 don't be demotivated. We are still on to create an app. Did add 2 lil bits to doc yesterday
In offc now. So will request those who can to hash out. @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

@ajeeshrp7 Have been asking a few people here also and people aren't sure how it will help or how it would be better than the current App. May I also know what were the situation on why they rejected?

@shirishag75 @KnottedBow @KayKap @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

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Mostly avoid going out. That's it. Their parents are hopeless now. Each time one such incident happens, parents/guardians are taking away their freedom. Few others argue why should we take steps when perpetrators are walking freely. No apps or anything until changes are bought in that front.

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Societal changes n mentality cannot be hurried. For every one of these there will be others stepping out. Listen to them empathize but do not let that derail you. As far as timing is concerned 9-10pm is doable for me. By then I have mom settled for the night.

@KayKap 9-10 also works with me too. Also, yes Kirti, I'm listening to them and empathizing. It's just when they ask me what do I have to console them, I don't a working solution. At least for now!
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I dunno if you know marathi or not but there was a movie in marathi which talked exactly on this topic.

Perhaps @KayKap may be able to give insight a bit more as she is a maharashtrian and women .


@Vishsai @KnottedBow @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

@shirishag75 I am an Indian, period. Pls don't allocate me to states. I have lived across the length n breath of India and do not ascribe any particular state to myself. Ain't that big.

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I was under the impression that you are/were maharashtrian and the movie seemed to be pretty subjective both to marathi culture and very localized. Hence thought you might be better to guide or tell people about it than me. I didn't mean anything else other than that.

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Born in 1 part of India, brought up all round the country thanks to my Dad being in service, now settled in Mumbai. Can't claim any. State as I have only fragments which happily form a lil piece of India. Can't say I have seen the movie. But movies rarely offer solutions. Those we've 2bring forth. There r other women on this string 2

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ah cool. Sure. I don't know if there are any others who may have seen the movie. I actually had a near-experience but both me and my girlfriend lived to tell the tale.

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Hi Ajeesh, compared to the usual outrage and chaos going on in other social media sites, we have done quite a bit thru this thread alone. I myself have taken few immediately executable solutions here and shared it with my frnds. So pls don't get demotivated.

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Hi Ajeesh, thank you for this. What were the qualms expressed by women in your circle? It could provide us with where we can focus on next? Could be in apps or technology, or something offline.

@tempearth They are quite angry and disappointed to start with it. Also, they are not sure how apps will work in remote areas. They are expecting changes in Law and order mainly.

@shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @KayKap @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

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Law n order are not under our control. We will do what we can. Hopefully what we do will act as a compeller for lawn order.

@KayKap @ajeeshrp7 @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun
Agree. I was (and still am) in their shoes. I am angry, disappointed, want the perps to change. But waiting for that means giving up on my freedom right now or till that happens. Honestly, I don't think I will see a societal change or 100% fool proof law and order that prevents rape anytime soon. It will happen, not right away.

@KayKap @ajeeshrp7 @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun
As KayKap told, empathise with them and we will try even more to make this country a better place for atleast 100 women if not all. Also I think if we put our heads into it we can come up with something for this societal mindset change. One step at a time and we will eventually get to our destination :)

@tempearth Yes. And when help is asked out, we can't deny by saying temporary solutions will not work. We are literally in do or die now. We will fix the timing acc to vote & work hard few weeks till we see some change. If you find anyone derailing from fruitful convo here, feel free to ignore or call them out. We will make a democratic decision.
@KayKap @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

@ajeeshrp7 Had briefly touched upon this as an offline mode method.

It is impossible to have one thing which covers any possible scenario but we can have one thing prevent some of these. While doing our best to reduce the risk of other situations happening.

@tempearth @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @KayKap @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

Pessimism is good. It helps us know the challenges we need to overcome. Thank people for any feedback and once you have a better idea pitch it to them again as a solution to what they said.

Let them tear it apart and we can build from there, make it better or it gives them hope that their question is leading to a possible solution.

@tempearth @shirishag75 @KnottedBow @KayKap @amangupta @musafir @DesCoutinho @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

@ajeeshrp7 Hey @ajeeshrp7 Fix a deadline. That will really help in giving things a shape. Create a timeline for different things. I think you should go ahead and start formulating the type and features now. In the meanwhile, a couple of other people can continue gather ideas.


@shirishag75 @KnottedBow @Vishsai @KayKap @amangupta @DesCoutinho @tempearth @VivekT @wabbster @abj @CharismaticSal_ @MeenakshiKapoor @BhavanaVarun

@ajeeshrp7 And if there is anything that is really essential, then we can go on to include that. And if there is a timeline in place, all of us will take things a little more seriously. Let's also identity some key areas and open it up for people to lead. It will be helpful in dividing the responsibilities and doing things in a better way


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