Didn't realize that today was the 38th anniversary of both John Carpenter's The Thing and Blade Runner. Both terribly reviewed box office bombs. Time did tell though.

The void wails. The void cowers. The void dances with jealousy because it feels the childhood that it will never have.

Don't care for the forest because the forest is made of darkness. You will be composed of darkness, too, sooner or later.

We feel the lizard and cry with contentment. You see the lizard and scream with terror. The lizard hears you but does not howl.

ok hear me out: what if libraries, but for everything

Never again regret thought. Only ever regret death. How could you regret what you can always see?

The mountain is made of soil. The desert is made of soil. We are all made of soil and we all shake and cower in happiness.

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