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Very sharp and crisp observation by @mitalisaran@twitter.com

What BJP mastered at is 'surround sound propaganda' allied with new technology.
Which enables scale at a degree we couldn't possibly have foreseen before.

Please do watch it in full at @AJListeningPost@twitter.com

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Why would a second "wife" want or get a divorce, from a Swamiji who was still living with his first wife? What kind of Hindu Mahasabha is this?

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RT @thewire_in@twitter.com

"The reason we are here and not in Pakistan is because we have chosen to be, even when Pakistan was painfully carved out of our native country.

If we did chose to emigrate, Pakistan is probably the last place we would choose. " | Laila Tyabji writes.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/thewire_in/status/

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How did they try to convert Gunja to Islam?

Like how? I mean how? With a magic wand? Or taser? Or circumcising her nose?

How does this work?

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Nirbhaya rapists are apt BJP candidates or star campaigners. They meet all the criteria.

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RT @priyashmita@twitter.activitypub.actor
Dear AAP,, Shaheen Bagh women owes you jackshit. You owe them an explanation as to why u could not stand by them. They don't owe u a victory. If u cannot sell yourself to voters, your problem

And your wolf in sheep clothing holier than thou followers are as bad as sanghis. twitter.com/RaisinaSeries/stat

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Aap chronology samjho. Pahle detention camp mein le jayenge aur uske baad tax bhi lagega twitter.com/Taxsutra/status/12

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Women are the single largest exclusion in India's farmer suicides data: P Sainath

Tens of thousands of women get excluded from the farmer suicides data in the country just because they are never considered as farmers.


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Watch for this people. Comes under Home Ministry.

Everything is a nail for Amit Shah
RT @PIB_India
Proposed new National Policy on Official Statistics will improve data collection and dissemination, using tech

- FM @nsitharaman

Watch LIVE: youtu.be/NqLekhkNxi4

#Budget2020 #JanJanKaBudget

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RT @LiveLawIndia@twitter.com

Breaking: @kunalkamra88@twitter.com send legal notice to @IndiGo6E@twitter.com to revoke the suspension from flying for a period of 6 months with immediate effect;

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LiveLawIndia/statu

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Those who licked british boots, sang paeans to the queen, did not hoist tricolour for 52 years, got banned thrice in history, killed the most revered man of india, instigated almost every riot and genocide this country has known, are proudly sending Happy Republic Day wishes on social media!

Hypocrisy just stuffed itself in a vacuum pack and asphyxiated!

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"PM has never been a student himself, his contempt for them is not surprising."

Naseeruddin Shah in conversation with Sidharth Bhatia of @thewire


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RT @kirti_sd@twitter.activitypub.actor
Today, Students across India will be taking sermons from one irritating megalomaniac uncle who himself refuses to consult any expert on economics while tackling the disastrous state of Indian economy.


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RT @OmairTAhmad@twitter.activitypub.actor
A country that elects a person undergoing trial for terrorism to its Parliament, backed by its PM, HM, and ruling party, should SHUT THE FUCK UP about 'radicalisation'.

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RT @TheSphinxSpeaks@twitter.activitypub.actor
5 days before they stole the independence of a state. 5 days after - do they mean to steal our Constitution? twitter.com/LiveLawIndia/statu

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It’s high time that Muslim's tragedy that began with the Partition ends

The heaviest price was paid by . The rich and educated Muslims shifted to Pakistan. The poor and illiterate remained in India, where they faced the anger of the Hindus.

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UP police indulged in sexually assaulting little orphan muslim kids. Some are bleeding from their rectums.

Humanity is dead in India. The police is state sponsored army of torturers and hangmen.
If there’s karma, Yogi will get sodomised till eternity!

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Happy New Year to all the Mastodonian's .

For all the hope to be carried forward, to a prayer of better days and all the effort to make at least one person smile this year.

Love All, Help All

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In Uttar Pradesh, the government has used the pretext of violent protest to unleash a chain of retribution, collective punishment, lawlessness and intimidation, whose end point is too disturbing to even contemplate.

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