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"PM has never been a student himself, his contempt for them is not surprising."

Naseeruddin Shah in conversation with Sidharth Bhatia of @thewire


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Today, Students across India will be taking sermons from one irritating megalomaniac uncle who himself refuses to consult any expert on economics while tackling the disastrous state of Indian economy.


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A country that elects a person undergoing trial for terrorism to its Parliament, backed by its PM, HM, and ruling party, should SHUT THE FUCK UP about 'radicalisation'.

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5 days before they stole the independence of a state. 5 days after - do they mean to steal our Constitution? twitter.com/LiveLawIndia/statu

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It’s high time that Muslim's tragedy that began with the Partition ends

The heaviest price was paid by . The rich and educated Muslims shifted to Pakistan. The poor and illiterate remained in India, where they faced the anger of the Hindus.

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UP police indulged in sexually assaulting little orphan muslim kids. Some are bleeding from their rectums.

Humanity is dead in India. The police is state sponsored army of torturers and hangmen.
If there’s karma, Yogi will get sodomised till eternity!

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Happy New Year to all the Mastodonian's .

For all the hope to be carried forward, to a prayer of better days and all the effort to make at least one person smile this year.

Love All, Help All

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In Uttar Pradesh, the government has used the pretext of violent protest to unleash a chain of retribution, collective punishment, lawlessness and intimidation, whose end point is too disturbing to even contemplate.

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Happy New Year, everyone.

Give it all you've got.

Be creative, make things, grow things, kick ass, take names.

Take NRC-CAA-NPR to the cleaners.

Come to me for further directions when you're done with all this.

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"Amid all the despair, the end of 2019 brings with it a new hope: a profound belief, across all sections of society, that Ambedkar and his values can guide the nation through tough times," writes Ravikiran Shinde in an excellent piece newslaundry.com/2019/12/31/loo

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All in all, going into the new year smelling nice :p

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Hey Kher, remember how much you charged for that Kargil widows charity event in Delhi—and how you demanded more money at the last minute & refused to go on stage till the the agency coughed up? And you’re talking about compassion, heh.
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Here is the most amazing and compassionate explanation about by ⁦@SadhguruJV⁩. Thank you for this. Hope illiterate people about this issue edu…

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No outreach on CAA, foreign diplomats warn: India fast losing friends

Don't worry!

Modi Bhagavan will do a rock show and dance for diaspora bhakts 😜 indianexpress.com/article/indi

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And after the Prime Bigot spoke, Ramlila maidan smelt like a cowshed with all that bullshit! My piece on Sanghi slimeballs.
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The - government, led by Prime Bigot , is behaving like that creepy stalker in your neighbourhood who refuses to understand that “No means NO!” nationalheraldindia.com/blog/p

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My brother Chandrasekhar @BhimArmyChief is still in jail with reports of torture with him!

He must be released ASAP!

More power to him to achieve Babasaheb's vision!

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Everyone who is reading this is a potential non-citizen.

The Government will tell you whether you are one or not.

Till then, we are all citizens and non-citizens...
We are all Schrödinger's Citizens.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Memeghnad/status/1

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Dasharatha accidentally killed Shravana thinking he was a deer. Even knowing it was an accident, his grieving parents cursed him with Putrashoka (grief of a child). It came true. This is Ramayana.

What do you think the curse is for deliberately killing someone's child?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Vidyut/status/1209

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