Should you use mastodon for sensitive info? Hell no! At least, not unless you're running your own instance, and you know what you're doing.

But you also shouldn't use facebook or twitter for sensitive info! You don't control those platforms either.

@ajroach42 I think keybase is the best solution for DMs they aren't federated but at least they are encrypted and they are working on adding proof integration to mastodon

@kodo I mean, email and PGP//GPG has always been a good solution for DMs in my book.

@ajroach42 but with keybase you don't need to conflate some encryption tool with your regular email setup you can just use a separate tool. i mean it *is* one more thing you have to install but i think it's a useful app in general

@kodo That's a decent point for people that aren't already using encryption, and it'd probably be simpler than trying to explain/help with GPG setup.

@ajroach42 I just walked someone through setting up a keybase account who really wanted me to copy and paste an encrypted message for them over DM heh it's the only reason I brought it up

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