@ajroach42 What is the white keyboard? and does that have a '0.1s' binding on one of the keys - why?

@penguin42 It's a Vortex Core 47 key.

You can program macros to key combinations. Those keys, 1.5ms, .1ms and .5ms, control the delay between keypresses for the macros.

The keyboard is on Amazon: amazon.com/Vortex-Core-40-Mx-C

@ajroach42 Weird layout :-) The split space bar and just ;: for punctuation, but then I'm a Model-M guy

@penguin42 The split spacebar is mostly there for macros, from what I've gathered. I barely notice it.

All the punctiation is there, if you can remember the various chords to play. So far, the quotation mark is the worst one to really hit consistently. It's at Fn1 + Shift + B.

I think I may move it to FN+Shift+;
Or I may just get used to it. Who knows.

I just needed a mech keyboard for my go bag, so that my hands would hurt less.

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