These Silent Running Robot Drone Models are wonderful and pure.

Mad props to the painter. I wish I could make anything look that good.

You can't really make them all out in the photo, but I drove past a big rig today hauling little cars.

Vintage beetles, fiat, mini copper, MG, and something I didn't recognize.

This is technically the view out of an office window in a small suburb?

10 years ago, none of those buildings existed.

The sprawl is slowly consuming everything.

Hey folks, I put together the first half of my Garage/psych mixtape, and you can listen on Mixcloud:

I should have volume two done later this week (I decided to go with Baroque Pop, a la Sgt. Pepper era Beatles.)

If you'd like a copy on an actual cassette, let me know. I have a stash of C90s around here somewhere, they deserve to get used.

I also got to make some cool cover art for it, using an illustration from a public domain comic book.

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My roommate blended strawberries, blueberries, Fresno chilis, honey; jasmine tea, and lapsang souchong in to the least palatable concoction I can imagine.

He was pleased with himself.

Have you seen the Groundbreaking 1966 scifi series that imagined a future in which men and women shared the bridge of a starship? You know, the one that premiered in September, and has inspired a strong, loyal fanbase?

No, not Star Trek.

I'm talking about the German series: Space Patrol Orion.

The whole show is on Youtube, with accurate and well timed English subtitles.

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