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I'm watching episode one of Space Patrol Orion right now. I never knew this existed until yesterday. It's like finding an alternate universe's Star Trek.

So far it's beautifully shot, and what little there has been in the way of special effects has been great.

Expect more soon.

I found this old magazine about jazz records. It looked neat, but it was too expensive and damaged.

I wonder if these have been archived anywhere. I'd be interested in flipping through them.

My roommate found a HUGE poster in a crappy album.

It was like finding a four leaf clover, but also being allergic to clover.

So there's a weird Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cash in rip off for the zx spectrum on the Archive.

It isn't fun, and is confusing. But the title screen is SO Wonderful.

Play it here -

Lots of people seemed interest in the DIY/3D printed space fighting tabletop game I'm working on, so I did a quick write up.

I'll have more info, more pictures, and a finished rulebook next week, but here is a link to the models and the basic rules.

I rewrote the rules from memory, so if something doesn't make sense let me know!

I'm working on a DIY/3D printed space dogfight tabletop strategy game.

Hey, do you like video games?

Do you like Halo?

Do you like the Atari 2600?

What about Former VP of Games at Microsoft Ed Fries?

This is a demake of Halo, that is playable on an Atari 2600 (and it's available as a real cartridge)

I design shirts and stuff with public domain materials. Here are some. Do you like them?

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