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The unflappable kobold librarian never gives up when the right spot for the book is out of reach


- Plan to go get coffee, alone; Allow yourself to get sidetracked at every opportunity until you end up back at home again at some point.

I ask for several reasons: 1) brain fog. 2) not used to being alone. 3) unsure what to do.

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Mastodon, tonight should I:

- Stay at home, alone; Watch Wrestling.
- Stay at home, alone; Try to code + fail because brain fog
- Go get coffee, alone; Play Pokemon Go in public space.
- Go get coffee, alone; Read book in public space.
- Go watch Atomic Blonde, alone; Feel weird about it.
- Go Watch The Dark Tower, alone; Feel less weird about it.

I just backed R-COIL : A Space-Combat Arcade Game on @Kickstarter

Hey, any #tinyhouse folks out there?

My fiance and I are considering ditching the apartment lifestyle, and going for a cheaper, smaller place.

I know zoning regulations are hard to deal with, and there are restrictions on what can be considered a "primary residence"

We are currently living in the metro DC area (NOVA/Tyson's), but also open to the metro Atlanta area (Kennesaw/75/575)

How can we do the tiny? Who do we get to build? Financing?

I haven't checked in here in a bit, but here's a quick update on my life:

- I moved.
- I'm working nights this week
- I'm building an ARM based Game Console which I hope to have prototypes of next week
- I still blog, sometimes at
- I'm running an instance at (updating to 1.5 tonight)
- other stuff, but I won't get in to that.

Hey game developers, do you want to make your games available on my weird, retro themed console?

It's ARM based, like the raspberry pi, and running debian under the hood.

I can help port it and test it and stuff! We can work together to come up with a selling price that's fair.

All kinds of games welcome (the primary input interface for this system is a controller, but we can offer a thumb keyboard add-on and/or configure joy-to-key/mouse on the cartridge)

Jazz is cybre, right?

Cos I've been listening to a bop playlist on Spotify the whole time I've been messing with this

My goal is to have a fully functional game console assembled by next friday.

I won't get the boards until tomorrow, which means I need to focus on software and game selection for right now, I guess.

Tomorrow is going to be a mad dash to get everything installed and working so I can develop on the board, and get some benchmarks.

If I'm *really* lucky, I'll be able to cross compile everything tonight, and have it all actually running tomorrow.

What are the chances that nothing goes wrong?

Hi, everyone over 30: Who was your favorite local band when you were in highschool?

Did they put out a cassette?

Do you own a copy of that cassette?

How many other people, do you think, still own copies of that cassette?

Do you still keep up with any of the band members?

This guy I met but don't really know stalked a b-list comedian for several years.

Now there's a movie about that:

I just finished"BlackJack Justice" from Decoder Ring Theatre, and I'm feeling kind of empty now.

This show, the audiobook, and the Red Panda adventures, have been a huge part of my day to day for the last ~2 years.

I was not expecting them to end today, and I am uncertain how "final" of an end this is.

Jack Justice is over. I know that much. The Red Panda Adventures ended, too.

Is this the end?

I run an instances called Retro.Social.

If you're looking for a place to hang out, try there?


Oh, shit. It's Friday.

Time for some #ff

First off: Me! @ajr, @ajroach42, @ajroach42

Then, my friends who just joined and need people to follow them. @TaxDan, @RawPecans

Finally, @danhunsaker , @djsundog , @chr , @alyx

Anyone on Anyone on Anyone on

Those instances are lovely.

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