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We need to pass an Amit Shah (THROW HIM OUT OF INDIA) Bill, 2019 to oust him from this country before he shreds this country into pieces.

Pragya Thakur is going to be on defence committee now.
Ye kaisa chowkidaar hai jo chor ke haatho me tijori ki chaavi de raha hai🤦‍♂️

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Dr. Manmohan Singh: The fountainhead of India’s economic malaise The citizenry’s distrust in institutions and lack of confidence in the government have caused a prolonged slowdown | column in The Hindu.

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Cowdung is really a wonder product.

When added to crops, becomes Manure

When added to fire, becomes Fuel

When sold by Ramdev, becomes Medicine


When consumed by Bhakts, becomes their brain.


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Dear #AmitShah, Learn to respect your fellow countrymen, as they have choice to remove you in no time.

Can you give official definition of the term #UrbanNaxals?

If you want label voice of disagreement as #UrbanNaxals then here I am Urban Naxal.

With me lacs will be there

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Watch "Rahat Indori vs BJP/RSS : देश-प्रेम vs राष्ट्रवाद | Idea of Patriotism vs Nationalism" on YouTube

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@BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

I disagree. We should have them here and corporates as well. We need them confronted in an environment that they cannot influence through money and power.

Blocking the officials shows lack of confidence. We just need to block their entourage of hate mongers and fascists. And then surround and confront them.

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शर्म, दहशत
झिझक, परेशानी

नाज़ से काम क्यूँ नहीं लेतीं?

आप, वो
जी, मगर

ये सब क्या है

तुम मेरा नाम क्यूँ नहीं लेतीं?

- जौन एलिया साहब

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You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?


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@IshaKaushik Also, how dare anyone question our faith? We'll break their teeth - the ultimate offering to our goddess. @Lord_VoldeMaut @ajeeshrp7

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I won't ever Expecto Patronum a Dementor cuz we both need a kiss...

Office pcs are so shitty and slow... till the time an app starts on them my boss gives the work to someone else becoz iam lazy🤦‍♂️

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You think Muslims are pining over a monument? A simple mosque? Then you have missed it completely.

The day Babri was demolished, Muslims had to just watch.

Then they were attacked all over the country just to satisfy the bloodlust of the majority.

They were ghettoised, viewed as terrorists, they were killed every day!

The Hindu Terrorist BJP supporters you voted didn't even spare an 8 yr old child!

It was never about a mosque. It was about your need to kill innocents for 20 yrs

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What I like about #mastodon

1. Chronological timelines
2. No periodic auto-refresh of timeline
3. 500 char limit
4. Delete-n-reDraft
5. Quality over Quantity
6. I was not viral on Twitter anyways

cc @stux @Gargron @noorul

Just found this on insta....
Just want to know what is aaj tak high on🤣

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Mastodon nahi yaaro dil hei deekho deekho Toot e Na😀😀

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Second Largest democracy country in the world and these statements 👇humne 17 minute me babri thod di woow

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For the #India new mastodon users specially, will you be interested in a weekly #digitalsecurity office hour where I will be taking questions about security and #privacy here and answer / demo over both video + on toots? Please boost for more reach

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