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France May Stop COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout After Hospital Staff Unable To Work With Numerous Side-Effects

Many hospitals are already facing shortage of COVID-19 units and ICUs and now these hospitals in different parts of the country are facing shortage of staff too because half of the workers are on sick leave after getting vaccinated.


Dash Electrum released

Available at github.com/akhavr/electrum-das or via your usual update method (Ubuntu PPA, Google Play, f-droid)

# Release

* kivy: fix history screen tx_type processing (#207)
* qt: pass InvoiceExt data to do_pay_invoice (#209)
* kivy/qt: fix tx_type handling (#210)

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I really hope this isn't true. But I have a bad feeling it is. 😓

Notice: ProRegTx is broken Dash Electrum, we're going to release a hot fix in Meanwhile, use this patch github.com/akhavr/electrum-das or just "Save" and then "Pay invoice".

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@mar77i Don't get me started. They start with seemingly innocous stuff like changin whitelist to allowlist, etc, then we get fluid pronouns and then they throw rationality out the window, i.e. 2+2=5 (unironically)


Future is here, just unevenly distributed. "Gun controllers" may ban themselves.


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Game setup: you want to live in the future, people around you want to live in the (mythical) past.

Strategy: create tools of the future and change people around you.

Goal: achieve an escape velocity and win the future.

Mike Hearn ragequit bitcoin and it did 5x in about a year. Now, @nntaleb ragequits bitcoin. Guess what?.. :)

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YouTube's AI blocks channel after allegedly mistaking discussions about CHESS pieces being 'black' and 'white' for racist slurs

The Future is Retarded

Researchers tested AI software 680,000 comments on YouTube chess channels
Over 80 percent of comments marked as hate speech were incorrectly flagged
Terms like 'black,' 'white,' 'attack' and 'threat' seemed to have set off the filters


Decades ago I was regularly asked if I want to be right OR to be in relationships. With the presupposition that being in relationships is the right choice. In most cases this holds true.

Yet, though years, I've learned, the hard way, that there are problems where one has to be right. Or be dead keeping all the relationships on the wrong side of the decision.

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