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1) Mastodon is not one but many.

Mastodon - a free ( as in freedom ) open source () microblogging software developed by a community. [ Mainly @Gargron :) ]. You can run it yourself or join a community's/ friend's server you like.

Twitter - a microblogging service run by a company. Their service is running on their servers. Nothing much is in your hand really.

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The FSF is announcing a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23:

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Wir würden gerne öfter Projekte wie dieses hier machen, nicht "nur" beim großen Sommercamp. Dafür brauchen wir viel Budget für Ort, Material und Personal.

Spendenmöglichkeiten und Sponsoring-Pakete:

Canonical starts offering Blender Support -

As @tonroosendaal said over at the birdsite, Blender has reached another milestone with paid support being available.

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I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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Last week the UK Govt published a new draft of their #OnlineSafetyBill, making UK corps liable for jail time unless they censor "harmful" content (without defining harmful). Targeted at Big Tech it instead directly threatens Matrix. Read & raise the alarm.

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Wow, is there really no one talking about #GoGodotJam on the #fediverse ? Come on people, get it together--the jam starts in less than 10 days!

Also, I noticed there's a bunch of #Discord servers for the jam. Well, phooey on that! Come join this #XMPP group chat instead:

The best part of this jam is they are * teaching you how to make games with the #GodotEngine * -- how awesome is that?

Are you ready to make some #games with #godot ?

🙌 🎉 🎮

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SNEK!!! (yes, we will finally be publishing this shortly :)

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[News] Our plans for PeerTube v4!
By the end of the year, new features focused mainly on experience customization so you can display and discover the videos to your liking.
➡️ h

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Plausible has opted out of Google FLoC!

Visits to our site will not be included when Google determines a cohort to share with their partners for personalized advertising purposes.

We recommend other sites to opt out of FLoC too!

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Studio has put out a job listing for an experienced 3D Generalist (5+ years experience with blender required)

You'll start working on the upcoming Blender Short .
Please apply if any of you are interested. Please boost if you think someone you know should know about it.

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🎉 Owncast 0.0.6, an open-source live video streaming service is out!

Biggest changes:

- completely configure and manage your settings via the admin interface

- build your own integrations, bots, tools and customizations on top of Owncast with the 3rd party APIs

Also check out the new website:

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I'll do a painting demo live for the Matrix Foundation, don't miss it!
On Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC (7pm in Berlin; 6pm in the UK; 1pm in New York; 10am in California)
All info:
#krita @matrix

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Announcing my latest open source project, in collaboration with @carl

🌵 Cactus Comments - Federated web comments, based on the Matrix protocol.


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