I think to pull regular users in, we'd have to start with today's web. But once we have sway in the committees, you can begin to redefine what state of the art web should look like.

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@Shamar@mastodon social It won't work. Just take some time to, say, explain recursion or graph algorithms, image compression or even cryptography math to a totally untrained user. We will never get to a point of end users to read or understand their software. IMHO, trying to do so is a waste of time that could better be spent on building more ethical solutions that just work for this crowd.
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@z428 @MatejLach @Wolf480pl @cbowdon My position is that they should be *able* to (perhaps with a little training), but not obligated to.

@Shamar That's a huge breakthrough you're asking for. The Romans couldn't just come up with zero and place values by creating a new institution. Breakthroughs come when they come.

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@Shamar Absolutely, I can totally relate to that: akkartik.name/about

You weren't the one proposing a CERN for browsers, so my response was unfair.

But there seems to be room here to try multiple approaches. We shouldn't stay stuck with Google's browser while we try to come up with the right alphabet that will get everyone wielding computers.

So let's you and me go chasing the right alphabet, and leave the rest with our good wishes 😀

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