*Update on the Mu computer's memory-safe language*

Progress has been slow over the holiday season because I've been working on a paper about Mu for 2020.programming-conference.or

But functions can now return outputs.

fn foo a: int -> result/eax: int {
result <- copy a
increment result

Project page: github.com/akkartik/mu#readme

Sources for the memory-safe language, now at 5kLoC: akkartik.github.io/mu/html/app

Caveats: no checking yet, only int types supported.

*Update on the Mu computer's memory-safe language*

Still no type-checking or memory-safety, but we can now write any programs with int variables.

There's still no 'var' keyword, so we can't define local variables yet. But that's not insurmountable; just pass in extra arguments for any space you want on the stack 😀

result <- factorial n 0 0 0

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*Update on the Mu computer's memory-safe language*

Basic language is done! Here's factorial. (Compare mastodon.social/@akkartik/1027.)

Still todo:
- user-defined types
- type checking and memory-safety

In other words, I'm about a third of the way there 😂 More detailed todo list: lobste.rs/s/pv8jpr/what_are_yo

(More details on the Mu project: akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-1. Repo: github.com/akkartik/mu)

I should probably highlight register names. Here's an updated screenshot.

(Yes, in Mu you manually allocate registers. Mu will eventually check your allocation.)

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I just wrote up a cheatsheet of all the instructions supported by Mu (best on a wide screen/window):


It's not clean. Mu isn't a clean, well-designed language. Because it's designed to map 1:1 with x86, and x86 is not a clean, well-designed instruction set.

But this sort of 1-page summary of a compiler is something I've always wished I had. Something that doesn't tell you what to type out and then pretend you understand compilers (compilers.iecc.com/crenshaw/tu)

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A brief timeline of the Mu computing stack

Jul 6, 2014: commit 0, tree-based interpreter for a statement-oriented language (github.com/akkartik/mu)

Jul 19, 2017: commit 3930, start of SubX machine code (akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-1)

Sep 20, 2018: started building SubX in SubX (mastodon.social/@akkartik/1007)

Jul 24, 2019: SubX in SubX done, commit 5461 (mastodon.social/@akkartik/1024)

Oct 2, 2019: started designing the Mu memory-safe language (akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-2)

Oct 29: started akkartik.github.io/mu/html/app

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I'll be in Porto, Portugal on Mar 24 to present a paper on Mu at the Convivial Computing Salon: 2020.programming-conference.or

Hoping for some great conversation and disagreements.

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*Update on the Mu computer's memory-safe language*

Mu just got its first couple of non-integer types: addresses and arrays. As a result, the factorial app can _finally_ run its tests based on command-line args.


Addresses are accessed using a '*' operator. Arrays are accessed using an 'index' instruction that takes an address (addr array T) and returns an address (addr T).

Literal indexes aren't supported yet.

Open q: indexing arrays of non-power-of-2 element sizes.

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"I'd like Mu to be a stack a single person can hold in their head all at once, and modify in radical ways." — @akkartik akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-1

@akkartik wow, the whole list of accepted papers looks so cool!

@akkartik Looks like a stimulating conference; wish the travel fit with my plans.

@abecedarius Indeed! I'd have loved to meet you. Hope it happens some other way.

@akkartik This is one of the coolest looking conferences I've seen. Do you know if the talks will be recorded and/or if there will actually be PDFs for the "Accepted Papers"? 👀

@kingcons What I'm hearing is that there won't be recordings 😔

But there _will_ be proceedings published around June or July. And I'll certainly be independently posting the final version of my paper on or before the day of the conference.

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