Spent the night trying to figure out how to round a number in 1th with @strstr. We figured it out after a couple of hours.

clr 256 512 / dup dup 1 mod sub swp dup vid swp pop swp vid mod 2 mul swp div dup 1 mod sub add .

@akkartik @strstr I watched a little video but there was just a few primitives and it didn't seem to do much just yet. I figured it's very much a wip, do you have a link that is not a video?

@akkartik @strstr Oh! I didn't realize the context, so this is written within the mu ecosystem!

@neauoire Yeah. Partly testing the foundations, partly trying to show that it can be used for interesting research in spite of not having graphics. Plus it's an idea I've gotten interested in. mastodon.social/@akkartik/1048 describes the motivations and influences a bit. Basic idea is to see how far I can go without any stack-manipulation commands like `dup` and `swap`, since they feel like accidental complexity.


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