~Rest well little dreamers
That you may face the future
With all your heart and soul~

Some cuteness to end ClaudeWeek2020 on πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Twas a blast to draw a lil bit of Claude each day c: He's such a good character

Day seven for Claude week. I'm here for modern fashion looks, cherries, so here's a simple, lowkey elegant suit for this golden cheeky man


~Reach out
Touch the heart
The wind shall whisper its song
You are home
You are home
Welcome home~

Day six for Claude week. Experimented a bit with this one. Fun to play around with brushes and such.

~May the stars greet you tender and sweet
May they ever shine on your ambitions and dreams~

Day five for Claude week. I had a lot of fun with this one.

I love me some expressions! So here's some golden variations for the flustered and tears prompts for day 4. Claude is more than just his smiles after all

For day three of Claude week I combined the two prompts of Mythical and Mask. I wouldn't mind taking this farther at some point.


It was Claude Week over on twitter not too long ago and I decided I would participate. They're a bit of a mess, but here's some quick concept doodles of Claude for the Past and Flight prompts for day one.


I got to make some fun title cards for Fuchsiarascal's videos when they played Amiibo Festival on stream with their friend.

I swapped the male and female Byleths clothing and poses from their official art because I thought that would be silly and neat

A commission I did for fuchsiarascal of her Happy Home Designer character putting up her favourite item in the game


Sometimes I make OCs because I get a lil tired about seeing something, but it not following through. Niall is one of them.

Some new-ish OCs that have really grown on me. They're both kinda a mess, but in slightly different ways. Perfect for becoming surprise buddies right? v:

I also got to be one of the merch artists for the For Hearth & Home: A Kingsglaive Zine! Here's the print and charm I made for them.

Such a joy to be working on these! Couldn't pass up on some cute material<3

I got to be a part of the For Hearth & Home: A Kingsglaive Zine! Here's my piece for it.

It was such an honour to be a part of this and to do work alongside so many wonderful creators. What a joy! Thanks to the team and the fellow creators for making this a lovely experience<3

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