"Sometimes all you need is acid. You need Virtual Squidd Lord’s funky, low-and-slow electro acid, and Tudor Acid’s melodic Detroit-scented acid, and БЬЕM’s alarming noise-funk acid, and Mopfunk’s scampering braindance acid—along with a dozen-plus proper gurgling acid bangers."


hey Joe Muggs over at Bandcamp, you are doing a fantastic job of writing these music descriptions, I see you

the album description on the Bandcamp page itself is gold too:

"Virtual Urban Acid bubbles with 22 otherworldly signals from sophisticated life forms below the neutral zone; assembled by our most variable and qualified underground outposts of squelch."

whenever I see the word "banger" I voice it in my head with the most British accent possible

"that's a proper banger mate" or something to that effect


@staticsafe Quite so: like it should be followed in the sentences immediately following with "safe", "sound", or "sorted"?

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