@micahflee I think he hopes the traffic gets divided via joinmastodon.org/ instead, that's why the redirect is there — horizontal scaling.

I don't think users will choose that, however…

@rabbit @Savagejen I think they just updated the app? … but yes, I've done the exact same. This isn't a "disagree with" thing, more of a … lifeboat.

@thjodbjorn Oh, I mean, I don't mean to be *insufferable* about anything. I don't even necessarily know what to expect. It's even possible changes on birdsite would be positive.

I said possible, not likely

he really hasn't thought this through lol

Oh yes, this place exists! I remember that!

I released my second (ambient) album in November 2020: Split Infinity.

It's very ... spacey.


(Also available on all major platforms and stuff.)

@Gargron and even worse, in such a way it's clear they never really thought about it…

I am again reminded of how much more sensible this is by comparison. Even if they _are_ called 'toots'.

I released an (ambient) album in December 2019, if anyone’s interested.

(Also available on all major platforms.)

Year’s nearly over. I’m sure next year will be quite a year, too: time will tell. If nothing else, 2020 at least *sounds* like a year from the future.

@dildog Times New Roman too, so it's helpfully variable-width!

Keybase adding support for this so people actually know where I am has reminded me I should probably use this a bit more. Not that I usually actually use birdsite either.

@diodelass Certainly. It can be identified by the Kefrens bars and the distinctive layers of plasma. Some say it's still scrolling.

@AmyZenunim I'd say "we don't hear the myriad that don't make it", but having heard a couple of the ones that didn't make it, they are _also_ bangers, so idk.

@staticsafe@mastodon.zombocloud.com Quite so: like it should be followed in the sentences immediately following with "safe", "sound", or "sorted"?

@jeff It cycled back around to ironic years ago, and I fear it may be edging its way back to sincere again.

@tobypinder I feel like that counts as an endorsement.

I feel like Admin would count it as an endorsement, in any event.

@thomasfuchs Old computing is warm. Kitties like warm boxes. Makes sense.

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