@AmyZenunim I'd say "we don't hear the myriad that don't make it", but having heard a couple of the ones that didn't make it, they are _also_ bangers, so idk.

@staticsafe Quite so: like it should be followed in the sentences immediately following with "safe", "sound", or "sorted"?

@jeff It cycled back around to ironic years ago, and I fear it may be edging its way back to sincere again.

@tobypinder I feel like that counts as an endorsement.

I feel like Admin would count it as an endorsement, in any event.

@thomasfuchs Old computing is warm. Kitties like warm boxes. Makes sense.

@spacerog Maybe if you trademark it, you might prevent someone using it.

I feel like that would be a public service.

@dildog Sneaky. Alignment-sensitive?

Something like a really short... parasite socket is what I called them but don't know real name? (I have dim memories of something vaguely similar - not concealed - for EPROMs, I think, but I don't remember why, only that they were really tight-fitting and annoying and I think I broke some?)

More useful for DIP or SOIC than BGA I anticipate as could only get outer pins? "They put a heatsink on the flash to prevent overheating, seems legit" kinda thing?

It's just occurred to me I'm literally having tea and crumpets for breakfast. Oh _god_ I'm so English.

If you want to know, rather than just leave it context-free Show more

@Gargron The lesson: always write it down right now, else you'll get another instance of "this is not the best idea in the world; this is just a tribute".

The other lesson: maybe you didn't after all, and only _dreamt_ thinking of something profound and important, but hadn't really thought of anything at all.

If it's really good, it'll come back better and brighter.

@wilw counter.social isn't visible to anyone else ("federated"), so you should probably consider posting here in the main instead.

Eating breakfast and getting ready to head to the UK Games Expo today.

@Gargron Good morning!

Ah, Mastodon, where “what are you having for breakfast?” might be a reasonable, good and valid basis for chat again.

I should come back here. It’s nicer.

@xax I guess echomail does sound like a reasonable point of comparison — except that the messages don’t take days to get through and instances don’t have to dial each other’s modems in the same hour to deliver them!

@Sargoth You whistle in tenth intervals and when you cough, the Amen break comes out

@Sargoth So basically everything you speak is in a major key and chipmunked?

@Gargron Not having to care about investors and metrics is one of the biggest features though.

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