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@xax I guess echomail does sound like a reasonable point of comparison — except that the messages don’t take days to get through and instances don’t have to dial each other’s modems in the same hour to deliver them!

@Sargoth You whistle in tenth intervals and when you cough, the Amen break comes out

@Sargoth So basically everything you speak is in a major key and chipmunked?

@Gargron Not having to care about investors and metrics is one of the biggest features though.

@Gargron One option is to just post it let people nitpick it for free? 🤔

@tobypinder Jeff Minter's "Polybius". All his stuff kinda looks like that!

@marcan I never saw it as so outlandish for online services: it's basically "if you use it, release your source" as opposed to "if you distribute it, release your source": the strongest copyleft, an attempt to make sure contributions to the project as a whole aren't lost from individual instances which might fade away. Makes sense for something federated to me?

(I can see where you're coming from, but I'm not qualified to speak about that.)

@Gargron As a non-political civil servant appointed as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, Larry the cat is ineligible to hold office.

He would still be an improvement, of course.

@pomological Apropos of nothing, these are really good (seasonal) eating apples.

@whitequark And remember: that's mostly not including the more esoteric errata, and only what they've documented.

Take a moment to mull that over.

Basically every shipping chipset ever I think is a huge heap of carefully-balanced hacks, kludges, design compromises and faint prayers.

The more you dig, the more you realise: here be dragons, no matter how beautiful the original intentions were. They may as well inscribe "All hope abandon ye who enter here" across the metal layers!

@bcrypt Aww, I wish _I_ could clone myself like that...

@GinnyMcQueen …mm.

If you're being friendly: it's probably okay!

If the recipient really wants to avoid that, try posting Unlisted instead of Public.

But if you're about to "well actually", three quick things to check:
a) is it helpful?;
b) is it important?;
c) how are you saying it?

(I probably fail all three of these right now, but oh well.)

@Samizdata I'll grant you that — the federation taking place more than just daily ZMH helps a lot with conversation flow!

I had thought that the FTN vibe was a product of the delay: extra time spent reading and crafting replies to echoes and netmails, penpal style, because of the latency in batch delivery. Redrafting.

It is pleasing to see that I might've been wrong about the lack of immediacy being a strong factor.

@Samizdata It's the opposite of those, but it has a little of that old FidoNet vibe.

Perhaps slightly less quirky than previously. We should bring the quirky back.

@bob Turn the "warn me about key changes" setting on, don't backup to the cloud, and WhatsApp is really good.

An attacker can't tell if you have the setting on: it's entirely client side.

I don't love that it's single instance, closed source, or uses phone numbers, and I'm sure they're having some _interesting_ talks at the moment with people's​ trying to make them ruin it, but right now it's not bad.


@teller @veorq @marver @cynicalsecurity I'd thought there was a closed-source "enhanced" video plugin they compiled? (although you could interoperate with the open source fine?)

Or did they open that too with the CBR thing they introduced recently?

I may have misunderstood, it's Friday and I'm feeling lazy~



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