@Rushyo Plus, I think there's other ways to mitigate fakes, but they require a certain level of public awareness. News sites could run their own instances, so if Tom Brokaw isn't tooting from @brokaw@nbc.com, you know they're a fake. An instance could host celeb accounts and offer verification services, so the domain is the validation, not some checkmark. It's a different way of thinking about social networking, but probably a healthier/more sustainable one in the long run.

@alahmnat @Rushyo It'd be purdy cool if imdb.com or something alike would host for celebs :)

@alahmnat @Rushyo Also keep trace of people registering account like "staff" or "support" on your instances...

@Rushyo @alahmnat or celebs can run their own instances (or hire someone to do it, the same way they hire people to run their website + rest of their online presence)

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