I think if @Gargron wants people to adopt other instances, the onboarding process on needs a LOT more guidance beyond "here's a list of servers, good luck". Especially play up the shared-interest communities that instances can provide. Ask what people are into:

Make art?
Well-moderated community?
Furry? Holy shit take your pick.

@Gargron Also, I know the instance list has a topic line, but that's not searchable.

@timotimo Honestly, I don't think is that much more helpful for a layperson newcomer than the one on You can't search by instance description for a community you might be interested in, and there's no way to filter out things like instances that are down or closed for registrations on the "Advanced" search page.

@alahmnat maybe @TheKinrar can do something about this; i think that'd be useful to have.

@timotimo @TheKinrar In that case I guess my question is: why is the simple search more capable than the advanced one?

@alahmnat @timotimo you can't see the same things with the advanced one.

Also, the simple ones sort instances by their match with your settings while the advanced one makes a strict match

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