Idea for (those are dropdowns).

I thought about the wizard and a lot. And I couldn't come up with any options better than interest and language. I don't think new people know what size of community they prefer, nor do they want to choose things like "untagged NSFW"

@Gargron This is good. joinmastodon's "here's a huge list of websites, good luck" is an *insanely* intimidating first step to getting newbies on board, to the extent that I pointedly didn't direct people to it and instead suggested specific instances to them. Emphasizing human interests over tech-y attributes (and using less jargon-y language in the process) helps lower that barrier.

@alahmnat @Gargron I know for me it took a few weeks on my first instance just to learn the ropes. Only after that did I grok why my instance mattered, along with size, content rules, etc.

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