Dear PHP,

Exactly what kind of shit are you on, anyway?

So, Google wants to contribute to dialog fatigue instead of just shipping the first and last pages of this flow to address the whole "why do I have to grant [service] access to my calendar when all I want to do is use my Google account to log in?" problem. Great.

Last one for now. Running low on actual memes and risk drifting into "favorite goofy pics" territory. which could easily just last all day. Thank you all for coming with me / putting up with me on this journey.


Bongo Cat (bonus points if you can guess the song before you play the video)

Via, please go give them a fav

This is less of a meme and more of a stupid, stupid crossover, but I still love it and I'm not sorry for making it.

(Context: the season 2 finale of MLP had a spinning camera shot during the Big Bad's song that looked a LOT like the view of the library ceiling in Myst.)

Keeping with the Myst Online theme: Gahreesen, in chart form. (via cloudmarsh and laughingpinecone on Tumblr)

Did you know that the guy who plays Sirrus in Myst IV: Revelation also plays a heckler who gets beaned in the head by a golf ball in the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played"?

Because he does. We had to edit in Achenar, but I'm sure you'll agree it's seamless.

Oh, how about the time someone made a Myst/Riven version of All Your Base? (This one is ooooooooold)

This sign using the infamous "falling man" shape from the original Myst box art was begging for an appropriate edit. So I did.

OK thanks to @zeether's toot earlier, I'ma post my favorite Myst memes, starting with the old shoop I made of Exile's cover to go along with the "WHAT" gag cover (see

I am the luckiest lucksack who ever lucked. These two popped out of back-to-back 7km eggs.

I made a new reference sheet for myself using some bases that LockworkOrange on FA recently made free. It's marked as sensitive for SFW no-clothes.

In what conceivable universe does any *cube dweller’s* boss let them do this?

Holy hell, the first piece of merchandise from Fangamer is available and it is *gorgeous*.

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