I know Mastodon is not a haven, but I just have to say: whoever writes ad copy for Taco Bell menu items is absolutely not getting paid enough. (link: tacobell.com/food/specialties/)

This is my new favorite sticker. My very dear friend CurioDraco makes new ones for me every month and I love all of them to absolute pieces, but this one especially is absolutely perfect.

It’s 27°F outside, and I’m on the verge of sweating here in the office because our HVAC system‘s design is total pants. (The vents are all in this room, but the thermostat is in a completely different room that’s closed off from us and connected to the front lobby, where all the cold air comes in.)

The worst part about working in Idaho this time of year is that Post Falls and the state transportation department have a very “small government” approach to snow and ice removal. And by “small government” I mean “go fuck yourself”. All these rugged individuals don’t need some nanny state making sure the roads are safe to drive on. mastodon.social/media/U5ncf_3W

Making great headway on my cross-stitch. Going to take the weekend off to polish the game jam game I made during Desert Bus, but I should be able to get this finished next week.

I’ve decided to get into cross-stitch. I wanted something productive I could do that wasn’t *more* programming, since I do enough of that at work right now.

I may be diving into the deep end with my first project, but I’m working on the Age 233 pattern that Geri/Cloudmarsh made: cloudmarsh.tumblr.com/post/146 mastodon.social/media/OS0dMaoz mastodon.social/media/DqRx-70Z

Pixel art shift banners for the game jam game I'm making. (contrary to what you may have concluded from my earlier toots, I actually can do art things 😉)

On a related note, check out these awesome sprite placeholders for destructible blocks and one of the enemies.

(my artist for this game jam is napping at the moment and I needed a game object to work with)

So apparently there’s a shiny drifloon?

Of course, of the three in the area where I caught this, the *worst* one had to be the shiny 🙄. I have the worst luck getting good ones. mastodon.social/media/tUts4C77

It's been sitting here since before I started my day 3 hours ago. *taps foot impatiently*

I desperately hope I don't need to roll back from Mojave for some reason, because it'll probably take me like 2 weeks :P

Dear PHP,

Exactly what kind of shit are you on, anyway?

So, Google wants to contribute to dialog fatigue instead of just shipping the first and last pages of this flow to address the whole "why do I have to grant [service] access to my calendar when all I want to do is use my Google account to log in?" problem. Great.


Last one for now. Running low on actual memes and risk drifting into "favorite goofy pics" territory. which could easily just last all day. Thank you all for coming with me / putting up with me on this journey.

(via laughingpinecone.tumblr.com/po)

Bongo Cat (bonus points if you can guess the song before you play the video)

Via twitter.com/Snapman_I_Am/statu, please go give them a fav

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