@Gargron I just looked at it for the first time and, um… all of my previous DMs are gone? Not like I had huge conversations in there, but I did send/receive a few. Is there a cache I need to clear maybe?

Dear PHP,

Exactly what kind of shit are you on, anyway?

And I don't mean the ludicrous bubble-dresses-and-raincoats-for-pants runway-type fashion, just basic everyday "how do I dress myself in something other than a t-shirt and jeans" fashion.

I still think @Graham_LRR's "the dark web is not forums nobody goes to" is perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

I swear one of these days I'm going to figure out how to make WinSearch/Spotlight aliases for Notepad and TextEdit, so typing either will launch the right program when I switch platforms between work and home...

It's fascinating to watch ArenaNet slooooooowly walk back their "quests are dull" stance as continues to expand. The Sun's Refuge "collections" are the latest step in the direction of adding more traditional quest mechanics from other MMOs. I feel like some day they're going to have to pay off some tech debt and actually create a functional quest log that's separate from the hopelessly-overloaded achievement panel.

I always enjoy finding scenarios where I can use underlying systems to create opportunities for gameplay that are more than just "press X".

So, Google wants to contribute to dialog fatigue instead of just shipping the first and last pages of this flow to address the whole "why do I have to grant [service] access to my calendar when all I want to do is use my Google account to log in?" problem. Great.


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Nickname change not as spoopy this year. Things are scary enough as it is.

I look forward to the day several thousand years in the future when all of our poop emoji merchandise gets re-contextualized as religious symbology.

All hail 💩! *waves poop emoji toilet plunger*

Hilda is a very, very sweet show and I adore it.

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Last one for now. Running low on actual memes and risk drifting into "favorite goofy pics" territory. which could easily just last all day. Thank you all for coming with me / putting up with me on this journey.

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