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Oh, how about the time someone made a Myst/Riven version of All Your Base? (This one is ooooooooold)

Hmm... I may have to come back to Scumbag Gehn. The GIF isn't uploading right, so the gag frame at the end is getting cut off.

This sign using the infamous "falling man" shape from the original Myst box art was begging for an appropriate edit. So I did.

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OK thanks to @zeether's toot earlier, I'ma post my favorite Myst memes, starting with the old shoop I made of Exile's cover to go along with the "WHAT" gag cover (see

(This will basically involve me going through my Tumblr blog looking for goofy shit and trying not to giggle like an idiot at my desk.)

Strongly tempted to spend today tooting my favorite memes...

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I know that games as an industry has trained their attentive public to care primarily about the product and not the workers but it still rankles me to see people mourning the loss of future games and not the abysmal reports of worker treatment in the Telltale closure

It's weird that the smallest new iPhone costs $1000, right? And that the cheapest new iPhone is over 6 inches across? And that there isn't a single iPhone in the new product line that's as small as iPhones 6 through 8?

This is all actually weird to other people too, right?

I'm sorry, what? There's an app that basically replicates Automator's "Run JavaScript" action for iOS?

And it's FREE?

Holy crap.

I hope I'm not alone in setting up Siri shortcuts with a more conversational trigger phrase than what apps are recommending. Lots of suggested shortcuts, like music/podcast playlist triggers and location-based things like weather, are just nouns, and it feels really awkward to say "Hey Siri, [playlist name]", to start a podcast, or "Hey Siri, Spokane" to get the local air quality.

Whining about tech 

Whining about tech 

Every time the Starry Expanse project posts something, I let out a tiny shriek at the thought of having to be the person in charge of making sure that the placement and state of every object in a pre-rendered game is properly tracked and represented in the final product.

Even in a game as meticulously executed as Riven, it's a seemingly impossible task.

I am the luckiest lucksack who ever lucked. These two popped out of back-to-back 7km eggs.

@Gargron I tried removing the field completely (label and value), saving, and then re-adding it and re-saving, and I just changed the label again. I also separately tried linking directly to the html page with the rel=me link on it. Still not seeing a validation mark.

Weirdly, it doesn't look like you can use Apple's new serif variant of San Francisco when you're actually *reading* books in the new Apple Books app. It's only for the app's own UI elements.

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