"‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ Is Marxist Fantasy - What would the world look like if all workers were this close to the soil?" eater.com/platform/amp/2018/10

i'm excited to have this queued up; anyone seen it yet (Netflix) or read the book?

i’ve got a sunburn and just realized our place’s cable has season 1 of dietland on demand… so ya girl’s on a marathon

finally got my Kopie invite so i can try integrating copy editing with Sketch files .... the dream

weather / hawaii 

how do hawaiians cope with getting so many severe storm alerts? i always think “time to die” if it pops up on my phone. but when i read the full alert it’s normally something like, “be careful if it gets windy, minimal chance of damage” and i’m like binch you have given me a HEART ATTACK

mental wealth / self sabotage 

when you’re in the “feeling badly” hole and take forever to get out of it bc you’re so mean to yourself ✌🏻 good shit

i am slowly starting to migrate to my own tiny instance,, feel free to preemptively follow @alana .. i’ll start following folks from that account in a couple weeks when i’m back on a real computer instead of my computerphone

i recently received a group text intended for members of a family i don’t know; sort of a generic summer vacation pic sent to 10 other phone numbers.
i want to send back my own group vacation photo. my gf thinks i should ignore it. WHAT DO U THINK

food television 

help, i’m watching hotel tv, it’s guy’s grocery games and i’ve already yelled “that’s why u use a bouquet garni, dumbass!!” — it’s only been 10 mins (bafflingly, somehow 10 mins includes ~40 mins of commercials)

babies, climate fatalism 

you ever look at a little baby with its patchy hair and chubby lil face and think, “i wonder if there will still be fish and bees and stuff when you’re my age” and “i bet peter thiel is gonna buy your blood for sustenance on his space ship, the USS Bathory”

health insurance in the states 

lol at COBRA, for real. not only is it a deadly snake, this time around (for me) it would cost $630/month. but my gf could add me to hers for half that. it’s just a complete suspension of reason. i picture health insurance company meetings like “what is the product? how do you price it? nobody knows! hope everyone doesn’t die and leave behind someone angry, bored, and motivated!”

i cried too much in therapy today so i’m taking a lyft back home. the driver is listening to RHCP’s seminal 1995 album ‘One Hot Minute,’ which has unfortunately revealed an entire forgotten section of my brain which knows the lyrics to basically every song. haven’t i suffered enough tbh

for me:
1. two — social, and octodon for my snail’s pics
2. social feels about 70% less toxic than twitter? and no ads/brands! but with a lot of content and activity from all sorts of people. octodon i haven’t spent much time on as a reader. i tend to post and leave, because “snail pics” doesn’t really interact with anyone.

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1. how many mastodon instances are you active on?
2. what do you like about them?

pet health anxiety 

i leave for hawaii tomorrow but my old cat is having problems and im afraid to leave him ): even though the pet sitter is super pro

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