this is going to sound like a string of words that bounced drunkenly into my head as I fell into a coma, but Ace from the Powerpuff Girls has joined Gorillaz?

@Ranjit oh I hope so too then because if you go who will I interact with??

Maybe this isn’t the place for stupid jokes but sometimes you think of a stupid joke and you need a way to slough it off

The BBC's short story prize is judged blind (meaning no names or any other information are attached to the manuscript).

For the fifth time, all the finalists are women.

[Mafioso:] I’m telling you boys, something ain’t right. Any way we turn, the cops are two steps ahead of us. Someone ain’t what they seem. So who is it? Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOD BOY??
[Undercover Officer Rusty:] *tail wagging uncontrollably*

I'm still adding things to my website which means re-exploring an old story with enforced extreme care.

We've been watching Brooklyn 99 and seeing two prominent black characters talk who aren't criminals really makes you realise how depressingly unusual that is on screen

Can we have an adjunct to the Bechdel Test that requires that:
1. There be two named black characters
2. Who have a conversation
3. About something other than committing a crime

And these tend to grow more ornate over the life of the podcast, until every episode begins with a 5 minute bit that needs to be carefully enacted before anything else can happen.

Which is particularly interesting in a medium that (without much commercial incentive or pressure) doesn't formally require much of anything. Any tv show or commercial radio programme will have both formal requirements and (almost as stringent) generic expectations to abide by, which will naturally lend it a feeling of constancy. Podcasts instead have to summon rituals (in order to be able to adhere to them, in order to feel familiar).

a lot of podcasts – and i'm thinking of those that exist at the shaggier/looser/less polished & edited end of the spectrum –evidently exist to be comfortable, to reassure, like the artistic equivalent of an easy chat with friends you see all of the time. So a lot of their strength derives from creating familiarity, and as they proceed through their runs they accrete habits/bits/in-jokes.

Reading the book set as a book for the first time

i need to follow more people who toot during UK working hours

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