why is the "Proprietary" license-badge in the #ubuntu :ubuntu: softwarecenter green?

@milan good point, I bet @popey might be able to look into getting that fixed.

@ted @milan To fix implies it's broken, which it isn't. It's a button in GTK land. We use the same colour for the channel button above it. Upstream chose to colour it red, we chose not to do that.

@popey @ted @milan
Regardless of your political position regarding the licensing, making the button always use the suggested action regardless of the text in the label brakes the UX of the app.

What provides the "green" color is the "suggested-action" styleclass, and the "destructive-action" make it red accordingly.

It was designed that way upstream, cause its GNOME software and GNOME clearly has a stance on software licenses.


@popey @ted @milan
Patching the app downstream to always use the "green" color makes it so the styling is meaningless since its always the same. It brakes user expectations from the "suggested-action" styleclass widgets and leads to confusion and degrades the overall UX. This, in its current form, is clearly broken and needs to be fixed IMO.

Point being, if you want to downstream patch it to make it neutral, go ahead. But at least *don't* brake the UX of the app.

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