So... @tbernard and I (mostly Tobias, really) did a thing couple weeks ago for LAS cause we found the conference name to be orthogonal to its goals.

Here's a blog post version of it.

"There is no “Linux” Platform"

Special shootout to @elementary for being the inspiration and case study for it and doing a kickass job all over the place.

@alatiera @tbernard @elementary How much work is e.g. Elementary able to do on things that involve multiple layers of the stack?

I really miss the days when at Novell/Ximian we had a desktop-oriented kernel hacker. It's when inotify became useful and all of userspace got updated to use it, for example. These days it seems practically only Red Hat's (relatively minuscule with respect to the rest of the company) desktop team does similar stuff.

@federicomena @alatiera @tbernard Canonical and Red Hat do a great job on lower-level desktop technologies, and we’re happy to build off of that. We are a relatively small team, so it is important for us to focus; that is how we are able to deliver our platform. At the same time, we’re very involved with upstream projects and love to communicate our needs to ensure technologies end up being useful to us and others.

@alatiera @tbernard @elementary I liked this post! Can't wait for the other parts to come out.

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