Ah a new WebKitGTK release, another chance to play everyone's favourite high-stakes guessing game "will the web process crash with gstreamer1.0-vaapi installed?"

Followed of course by everyone's favourite parlour game "how to debug a web process crash".


@mjog by my experience with iOS
WebKit is something


@charlag @mjog Most of the times its a driver and hw issue in linux.

Intel has 2 different graphics drivers, and 2 different encoding/decoding apis.

To add to the older the hw you have, the more chances the hw encoder/decorer has silicon bugs.

Its like trying to win the lottery.

@alatiera @charlag You know, some times I dream that one day people may invent some kind of... automatic means of... testing code? It's crazy I know but imagine that bug counts would trend downwards rather than oscillate over time. Wild!

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