Looking for a touchpad/trackpad for use on the desktop, any past experiences and recommendations?

@alatiera +1, gestures make touchpads so nice to use (although I'd probably have a hard time finding a comfortable position for it on a desktop)

@alatiera I was also thinking about something like this, but idk yet if I'll actually like it. I want to see both recommendations and usage feedback :p

@alatiera You can get the old version for about 30 € on Ebay. The newer one is bigger, available in darker gray and does use force touch vs. physical clicking.

@alatiera So… Any reaction to my replies? I’m a bit disappointed to be honest.

@frumble Hi, I am really sorry didn't see the toots earlier.

Thanks for the suggestion, the apple trackpad seems to be the only one so far with guaranteed drivers and given its apple it will probably the best h/w as well. I will look around for a used one.

@alatiera Any updates on this? I'm interested as well, been thinking of using a wacom with multitouch so I could also use it to take notes.

@saligari Only device suggested so far was the apple magic trackpads, seem to have good drivers.

@alatiera Yeah, thought maybe you'd tried something out. Personally, I'm reluctant to pay that much for a touchpad. Either I'll try the perixx peripad-504 or buy an intuos drawing tablet, which has the added functionality of taking handwritten notes.

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