@Linux4Everyone Didn't the "g" in gnome used to stand for gnu? I'm guessing it's something they've wanted to distance themselves from in later times then?

@Linux4Everyone @vancha Most original GNU projects try to keep their distance with FSF administration afaik and have their per project management. Guile also is no longer managed by GNU but they keep their development there for ease of work


@Archivist @Linux4Everyone @vancha GNOME was never a GNU project, developed using GNU infrastructure or managed by GNU. It was an independent project from the start.

The G in the name was cause GNOME was/is ideologically aligned to some degree with GNU and the GPL. Nothing more.

GNOME stopped being refereed to as an acronym in its first years shortly after.


I apologise for the lack of clarity in my message. I understand all well that GNOME is not an official GNU project

@Archivist @alatiera @Linux4Everyone @vancha
Was this a trick challange? I remeber Gnome being hosted on it's own FTP servers until RedHat picked it up

@wuwei @alatiera @Linux4Everyone @vancha

Yep, it was not really started by GNU or managed by GNU, they were their own project (with the blessing of GNU, and with at the start the goal to officially join GNU) but they did decide otherwise (in 1999 I think? I am not versed enough in free software history) and cut down the idea (and the acronym) completely

@Archivist @alatiera @Linux4Everyone @vancha
Acronym maybe, since there was no offical annoucment it could be whenever. The earliest mention I found of someone even mentioning they dropped it was from 2016.

However they certainly were a part of GNU. They claimed to be "proud of being part of the gnu-project" up until 2013.

@wuwei @alatiera @Linux4Everyone @vancha

I think they really were just potatoes at wording things because they also say very explicitly that Gnome is held by the Gnome Foundation

@Archivist @alatiera @Linux4Everyone @vancha
Why would that affect it being a GNU project?
In any case, I also found this:
I really don't see what kind of evidence someone would have to show to disproof all this.
Gnome is simply full of shit, there's no putting it mildly

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