@alatiera Gnome is SJW garbage! Fuck off with your shit commie software!
@runfox @alatiera SJW codes of conduct and cancel culture comes to mind when I hear Gnome. I switched to FreeBSD because Linux has been infiltrated by insufferable wokesters.
@MtnStateNomad @alatiera @runfox Maybe Devuan or MX Linux. I try to stay away from Gnome and Red Hat as much as possible so I'm not using Systemd. If you're interested in a user friendly BSD I recommend trying GhostBSD. It comes with MATE and XFCE and it makes the installation as easy as Linux Mint or any other desktop Linux distro.
@runfox @MtnStateNomad @alatiera Red Hat is another woke company and I don't trust its intentions, especially since it was acquired by IBM. I don't necessarily like Richard Stallman but I don't agree with cancelling anybody. Red Had and Gnome were the most vocal when the woke mob demanded the entire FSF board to step down for allowing Stallman back in.
@runfox @MtnStateNomad @alatiera I'd like the UNIX systems to remain POSIX compliant, and Systemd moves Linux away from that. That's why on Linux I use OpenRC.
@runfox @MtnStateNomad @alatiera I lost hope in Linux when I heard Torwalds was cucked and gave in to the demands of the cancel culture mob and signed a "Contributor Covenant" made by this satanic pedophile shemale.
@MtnStateNomad MX Linux is what I would recommend if you're not advanced Linux user. It's a very cool distro and comes with most apps I use out of the box.

@runfox what’s up dog, afraid that the “faggots” are more humans than you will ever be?

Sorry for your loss, I know it must be hard for you being a worth less than the plastic waste floating in the ocean.

@flvc I am coming for your home next! And after that your toothbrush!

@alatiera I'm so sick of social justice warriors trying to politicize everything.
@alatiera The problem with virtue signalling leftists is you cannot keep your sick ideology to yourselves and you like to infest every project that was once great and respectable with your sjw drama and shove it down everybody's throat. And if they disagree with you they're being labeled as Nazis and fascists.
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