Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

It seems to me like I'll have to switch away from #Ubuntu. The 21.10 beta is out, and it's using #Gnome 40, so I'm guessing the final version will have Gnome 40 too. I'm already tired of being so far behind not having Gnome 40 on my Ubuntu 21.04 box, and now I'll have to go another 7 months without getting Gnome 41? When Ubuntu 22.04 will Gnome 42 already be out, and Ubuntu just have Gnome 41?


Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

@forteller Hi, ubuntu 22.04 will likely be using GNOME 42.

It’s not that they don’t update on purpose but they run out of time and are low on resources last couple cycles from what I’ve seen.


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