Me: I am ready to close the PC and go to bed I think

This has to be my favorite @InspiroBot picture. Need to pin it in the profile.

Train ticket machines in Berlin run python 2.4 on top of some kind of windows it seems.

This is what happens when you rely on downstreams to package things...

This is just broken, and worse all, its promoted in the pkg catalogue in gnome-software just cause it exists in the fedora repo.

This is absolutely not the app's fault. Its downstreams that value "availability" over UX and catering their software catalogue to their actual system.

Packaging apps that were never meant to run on this system is just breaking the apps and their brand for no good fucking reason...

Btw, VMs build on top of the flatpak runtimes, are totally a thing :)

I have a machine that kernel panics on boot. If I pass acpi=off to the kernel cmd it boots but with acpi=ht it panics. What can I do to get a functional machine?

Can I disable SMP?

GNOME Podcasts 0.4.6 is out!

* Felix implemented support for MPRIS2, which means that Podcasts now integrates with the Playback controls of your Desktop
* @brainblasted Ported Hyper to 0.12 and added support for openssl 1.1.
* 9 more translation languages/dialects were added.
* The UX continues to get more polished and a handful of bugs were fixed.

The best part is that you can get it right now, minutes after the release, from Flathub!

The disk gave up mid way a `bst checkout`. The kernel unmounted it and everything crashed. Now XFS refuses to mount it due to corruption and not even the emergency mode works.

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Realizing that gstreamer has been broken on the Freedesktop SDK for months.

No problem, its not like its release day of GNOME 3.30 or anything...

To be noted, I still hate whoever added python2 as a dependency to Steam.

At least "It works now"

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GNOME hackers removed the spoons from the hotel breakfast!


Hacked together an inline audio player for matrix events for Fractal over the weekend.

Gstreamer is amazing.

Here is the link to the MR:

Google product ad harassment 

This is what I get for keeping around a gmail account still instead of deleting it.

Well fuck off google. You do not deserve to collect, even my spam emails.

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