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On hazy mornings where the grey tide daubs the mountains near the San Mateo Gap, those green steep-sided valleys let me imagine I'm in Maui.

Of course, the other side of 280 is all tawny scrub and astringent sunlight.

Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life. #sherlockholmes

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Once in a while the Palmer webcam zooms way in on some chunk of the antarctic landscape. This one's particularly nice.

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Today on public transit in San Francisco I overheard some excited young people not obviously in the tech industry discover "OMG Guided By Voices is going on tour!!"


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Dress-wearers: somebody on Twitter is doing a survey to plan a line of dresses with pockets.


look forward to my upcoming slice-of-life comic about computer scientists, Dykstras to Watch Out For

this awesome little tool allows you to contain a small website in a url. no hosting required, very portable.

geez. i can think of a million ways to use this for very creative little projects.


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