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Karen Rustad Tölva @aldeka@mastodon.social

“Nancy - Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for Apr 20, 2018 | Read Comic Strips at GoComics.com”

I’m so here for the new Nancy

Svelte v2 has been released. Congrats to @rich_harris and the team! svelte.technology/blog/version

Gotta start on upgrading Pinafore now… I'm especially looking forward to smaller bundle sizes thanks to ES6 output.

spaghetti code: unstructured, monolithic

lasagna code: stacks with unintentionally repeated functionality

ravioli code: small, self-contained modules

rotini code: huge dependency trees

farfalle code: nice syntax & layout but hard to use

have you heard about the pokemon mmo where all the trainers form corporations and battle one another for wealth? it's called eevee online

Why don’t we call them post-partums? The project is not dead, to be buried; it is born, to be supported.

Tell us: What are your tips for conducting a positive post mortem at the end of a project? How do you talk through the weak points without assigning blame? Responses go in the magazine.

Committed to giving a talk on perceptual web perf at work in a week. My first tech talk in years.


"Designing very large (JavaScript) applications" by Malte Ubl medium.com/@cramforce/designin

This is a good post about designing for maintainability and empathizing with junior developers, but I'm going to need to mull over the part about dependency management.

i'd love to bring someone from masto into the fold

we're fully remote (although a good chunk of people live in Denver — i'd love to have more "not in colorado" folks around) but would like to have relatively similar time zones for ease of co-working (we're in EST and Mountain right now)

heyyyy we're [@goodgoodwork is] looking for another developer! interested in co-ops? interested in getting involved with co-ops? check us out 😎 goodgoodwork.io/so-you-like-ja

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Guy Tzyeste, contributing editor

if I fits, I sits

and plays peekaboo