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Petrichor, that fresh aroma you can smell after the rain, is caused by a little molecule called geosmin. The name literally means "earth smell." It's produced by soil bacteria and gives an earthy flavour to beets.

Humans are extremely sensitive to this scent – much, much more sensitive than sharks are to blood. Some think we evolved that way to find fresh drinking water after droughts.

@phildini I'm thinking about moving to a smaller masto instance than .social and was wondering if the Shop was taking new folks?

US/euro politics reading 

'“Human psychology is much more complex than the rather simpleminded economic model suggests,” Fukuyama concludes.'


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US/euro politics reading 

"The Republic is philosophy; it is not cognitive science. Yet Fukuyama adopts Plato’s heuristic and biologizes it. [...]
To say, as Fukuyama does, that “the desire for status—megalothymia—is rooted in human biology” is the academic equivalent of palmistry. You’re just making it up."

Sigh. Even OG Fukuyama had some early-onset emeritus disorder (smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=c), but jeez does that come through now.

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US/euro politics reading 

"Why is the desire for recognition—or identity politics, as Fukuyama also calls it—a threat to liberalism? Because it cannot be satisfied by economic or procedural reforms. Having the same amount of wealth as everyone else or the same opportunity to acquire it is not a substitute for respect. [...]

Um. Duh?


stupid joke 

"They constantly take credit for other people's work without citing it! They're such a jerk!"

"Yes, they have a fundamental attribution error."

feelgood story for today:
there's a nonprofit group that trains gambian giant pouched rats to detect landmines.
they can sniff out the TNT with the precision of a dog, and they don't weigh enough to set off the mines. their handlers raise and train them from infancy; they've cleared over 13,000 mines in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and Cambodia.

Positive folk of Mastodon, I want to share a tradition of mine with you.

Each week, we my wife and I write a note with good things that happened throughout the week. We then add these notes to a year.

On #NewYearsEve, we empty the jar and read about the amazing year we had. It's obviously great to finish/start a year this way, but it's also nice as it "forces" us to contemplate the last week and appreciate the good things that happened, even when things were stressful or felt very mundane.

please rank the following: factory fire, tire fire, dumpster fire, "this is fin̶re"

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