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"...problems like this will bring out the worst and the best in people. The extremes." She didn't /have/ extremes.  She left that to her crew - but she was already seeing how this brought out /their/ extremes."

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The ritual began with paint.

Smeared across the eyes, across the lips, exaggerating the features, exaggerating the magic.

Then a nose to draw the eye: look here. Look at me. A mind-snare, but with a gentle purpose.

The rest varied: there might be hair, feather-fine and rainbow-hued. There might be shoes like flippers for land, to give the agility to fall *just* so.

But always, the paint and the nose.

Look at me.

It was a spell to fill a heart with laughter.

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"She extracted the note from the envelope and unfolded it. As her eyes danced over the letter, from side to side, her smile faded…"


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@vicorva Yesss. I like this! At first I was a bit disappointed in "oh, just a soldier's uniform", because I want more flamboyance and extravagance in masc clothes (and a magical boy uniform _should_ be the utmost flamboyant and extravagant!).

But then I remembered the Swiss Guard, and now my headcanon is that "old-timey soldier's uniform" refers to something 16th century, such as a Swiss Guard or a Landsknecht (zweihander and all).

And a pink magical boy Landsknecht? Love it :blobheartcat:

Also! Sorry for the delay on this one. Went to bed with a migraine so microfiction wasn't on the cards last night.

Also it's a bit longer than intended but I wanted to do the concept *cough* justice. XD

When she was born, a celebration was had.

She was beloved by all, and each accomplishment was celebrated.

She grew taller, wiser and kinder; soon she found herself sought after for counsel in all matters.

She was not perfect, but she was gently guided if she was ever cruel, thoughtless or ignorant.

One day, a dragon came...

With ease the farmer's daughter outsmarted the beast, causing it to flee in shame, a greater celebration was had.

"You know 'Build one to throw away'?"
"Learn by doing, then do properly? Like making prototypes, or writing first drafts, to throw away."
"That, but for parenting!"
"A draft child?"
"Yeah, a robot."
"You can't throw a child away."
"It's a robot."
"Its parents will love it."


This one looked like a miserable daydream, if anything.

"Maybe if we used a prod?" Hob mused from another corner.

"No! Remember what happened last time! No, just tell them some stories and feed them some green. They'll be back on their feet in no time."

I patted the elephant's trunk and hunkered down, ready to tell it a story.

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"Does the planet work for you?" Anke called from the other side of the under-carriage. "I don't have anything new here."

"Nothing but Sad Elephants over here...." I considered the elephants in question. One of them was upside down, trunk lolling to the side. The other one was looking listless, its color all wrong. The planetary elephants were supposed to be vivid - the specific hues varied, but they had to be /imagination colors/.


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It's time to write a new serial on my blog, since Haunted House has finished up.

Which would you like to see?


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I'm quite fond of this line from last night's with @InspectorCaracal

“I’m fine,” Leo reassured him - them. Nathen smirked; he was more than half-certain that Leo would insist the same if he were on fire and standing on a pit of spikes.

On the other hand, he didn’t /look/ either on fire or standing on spikes anymore.

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The fox's fur shimmered in the streetlights -- not copper, but gold. Its disconcertingly blue eyes were fixed on his face. Its tail swept aside, revealing a bracelet of golden stars and heart gemstones.

'Where did you get this?' he asked. He should go home but there was something about the bracelet ...

He picked it up and clasped it around his wrist. It fit perfectly, strangely warm against his skin.

He held it up to catch the light.

'Finally!' The fox sighed.


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:blobcatpeek: hi there

Have I mentioned that my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now? Spooky-sweet and full of warmth and weirdness.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here: victoriacorva.xyz/books-bone-s

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks bye

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The red dragon crumpled to the ground, her wings snapped, her heart bared and beating with a weak volcanic glow.

The knight limped up to that hulking, steaming body. His armour was scorched in places, and ripped free in others.With his bare arm --burned and wrapped in rags -- he hefted a sword.

'Time to put an end to this,' he said, and drew back to strike.

He was knocked over by a whoosh of air from behind, the sword clattering across the floor.



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This microfiction written in response to today's poll (which I'm pleasedl that unicorns didn't end up *completely* stomped in).

If you enjoy this or any of my other microfiction, please consider supporting me on #kofi or #patreon. I'd really appreciate it!

Autumn is the time of expenses!
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It gets cold around here fast, after all.


So now's a good time to remind you that I have a #KoFi - ko-fi.com/aldersprig - where I post a couple free stories a month.

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