Morgan is a very nice elder #vampire who just wants to fiddle around with #magic and accounting. These #zombies are getting in the way of important nerd time.

Taking a break from #writing my vampires vs zombie apocalypse story today. I'm only 30k into it and I'm loving it a lot - cute dogs! Cute people! Non-described zombies because zombies are gross! A very cute vampire protagonist of ambiguous gender!
#ReadMyStuff -
It's #freefiction but I do have a #patreon
Which honestly mostly goes to me commissioning my friends to draw cute arts, but also tea. #onedollarpatreon

oh man the latest chapter for A Practical Guide to Evil is frakking fantastic. Such a great Catherine moment, and the Dead King is delightfully Evil as always.

Raging Alone 14: The Cliffs #Action #YoungAdult #Patreon #OneDollarPatreon

Days later, Desรฒchu still struggles with his father's disappearance and the clan's silence. But how far would he go when he finally loses his temper?

We had some hard choices to make w/all my tech gone. We cleared out our savings getting a phone to let me have a social life, & since it isn't safe for me to be outside w/o a way to call for help if I fall. To make new prints &c though I need a compu, So! If you want to support my work now is a Great time

there's too if you'd like to help!
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I need to come up with a business idea that doesn't add to my already enormous workload. For now, my business model is to ask you to donate to my crisis fund (aka my @Liberapay account)


I have giant, wild cattle in this book. They canโ€™t talk, but have agreed to help the heroes with what amounts to the spell โ€˜animal friendshipโ€™.

However, the oldest cow in the group is just so done with everyone and everything.

I think she is secretly the Dowager Countess from Downton Abby. #amwriting #fantasy

The distant vibration of thunder drew me to the surface. I loved the way the waves grew & danced during storms, and how the lightning would reflect so brilliantly off my scales & fins. If I was lucky I could find the edge and leap into or out of a wall of rain.
I would howl and roar with the sky, as if I could challenge it for territory - sometimes I felt I might win.

I COULD trade my voice for wings. Who even asks for legs anymore?

Hey, so that bundle containing my kitty horror story WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK is available for sale! $2.99 for 9 kitty short stories. I'm reading through my contributor's copy and am really enjoying it!
#fiction #IndieAuthors #IndiePublishing #Cat #CatFiction #ShortStories #Writing #BundleRabbit #Bundles #FictionBundles #ReadMyStuff #horror

Yay! My story Things To Consider is on the Brick Moon Fiction podcast in audio form. Listen online or download as you please.

It's a story about a group of elite first responders who are called to a major disaster at an enclave in Antarctica, one of the last refuges of humanity. But someone on the team is there for reasons of their own.

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Mentha has got herself in trouble again but will her elf rescuer from last time be around to save her? Again.

A big tasty bite of hobbit

#FreeFiction #ReadMyStuff #HobbitTrouble

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