Apparently it's a thing to do Patreon drives around this time of this month, so hey, if you'd like supporting a queer someone who plays dozens of instruments and has been making music for way too long:

You get tons of music with each tier, and new releases are added to those tiers a few times a year. Plus you're helping to make monthly bonus songs a reality!

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On Patreon I'm going to be putting up a few 'so far' mixes of songs from a forthcoming album over the coming months, so if you ever wanted to hear songs without key could support me!

Or you could go listen to the music made possible by patrons here:

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Flight of the Scions 41: The Germudrir Pack #Action #YoungAdult #Patreon #OneDollarPatreon

Returning back to the mill, KanΓ©ko finds the remains of a battle with most of the pack already captured. Maris, on the other hand, hasn't given up as she duels with Sinmak, the man responsible for Kan

A snippet from of one of my favorite sketch comic stories from the Patreon - the time Al called in two lust demons to the Academy and let them run amock, lol #patreon #SketchComics #NSFW

Okay, I've switched up my patreon a bit, so gonna make stuff more public now! Here's a long post I wrote about my asemic (wordless/meaningless) fantasy writing - specifically detailing my choices messing around with how the same word might look/evolve. It's basically a write up of what's in this gif (that i've shared before)

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Oh no, my Paypal is empty after holiday shopping~~

Did you know I take writing #commissions? If I’ve written about it, chances are I will write more of it; just ask! My specialties are urban fantasy, stockholm romance, and the end of the world, often all together.

I also have a #Patreon at
and a #KoFi at

#Patreon accounts I think you should support:

- @WelshPixie - her mandalas are stunning -

- Your instance admin. If you’re on Tootplant, that’s @InspectorCaracal -

- Extra History/Credits - - great, easily-digestible history.

- Someone who has $10 or less in patronage. You’ll make their day.

- Me!

(not cows)

And you? Who do you think I should support?

Become a #Patreon patron now and read the first 31 chapters of The Expectant Wood, up toCh 31 today

Nimbus and her family are exploring the center of the sky-island Aereaxera and the Stamen, which leads to the ground far below. But the Stamen might not *want* to be explored…

This #Fantasy story follows Nimbus, a pre-teen wise beyond her years, on her adventures through the center of her sky island and down to the lands below.

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New ("new") story posted: In the Limelight, in the Spotlight

This one is a bit different because it's a very short story constructed out of a particularly compelling dream I had. The story is from years ago; I'm just now getting around to publishing it.

I still have a Long Way Home story in the works, it's just taking a while because life's been a bit gross lately. I think it'll be worth the wait. ;)

"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"

November's story is here!

Trying this upon suggestion:
#readmystuff - #scifi - #magic

This is an old short story from 2006 that I've just never published publicly. I still like it, though, and it's also a setup for two sequels that round out the arc. (Will be posting them as well, later on.)

Need a #gift for a #reader? I've got two talking-animal #stories perfect for #Christmas!
THE PURRFECT CHRISTMAS - Can one #cat save a widow’s Christmas? #ShortStory in12 chapters, #ebook only.
A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS - He’s got nine lives, three miracles, and one family to save! 200-page #paperback in 25 chapters for a new countdown-to-Christmas tradition.
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'I think ... I think maybe I'm in love with a ghost,' he told his sister one morning.


THE RIVER GHOST, LOVELY is a story of a sister who would do anything for her brother -- including facing down an otherworldly creature for the sake of his happiness.

Originally patreon-only, it is now free for all to read. I would love it if you would take a look!

#writing #fantasy #FreeFiction #ReadMyStuff

The Stapler Rebellion


A cautionary tale for my Arcologies prompt call, now on my blog for all to read - #ReadMyStuff; it’s #FreeFiction

Painting comicz for me patronz because they r cool

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Hey guys, if you’re doing #nanowrimo2018, the @NanoWordSprints account is doing sprints! Check it out~~

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