Hey people, what tags do you use to post about your writing, your process, your published works?

@aldersprig #writing and #scifi

Scifi can mean many things to many readers and writers. My stuff fits in by
- happening in some more or less imminent future and
- involving some future feat of science and/or engineering (and zero magic)
That‘s why I stick with it, against a majority of beta readers suggesting speculative fiction ( #specfic ?)as a more appropriate term.

@Troim Thanks! Every time I encounter a tag, it seems to fall out of use and I'm talking to myself in it.

Like everyone else, I'm pretty fond of the #amwriting tag to talk about the process, (and to let readers know that I'm working on it, I'm just slow!)

I tend to use #shortstory, #post or #essay for smaller works that I just publish.

I tend to turn my book titles into hashtags so I can scan for them easily.

@aldersprig I'll just use #AmWriting if I'm just talking about writing, as most do, and I think I've seen #WritingCommunity used once but that might be more common on Twitter right now.
When I post a chapter or story I've gotten into a groove where I'll use #story and then either #chapter and #novel or #shortstory.

@aldersprig I normally use #writing, #AmWriting, a genre tag like [hashtag]fantasy, and a tag specific to my project like [hashtag]Woethief.

I commonly use #histfic #amwriting & of course my series title. I'll adapt to be relevant.

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