Introduction I guess?

I'm Venia Silente, a #fanfiction writer but also more of a #worldbuilding person with a taste for adapting concepts across franchises. My main body of work is for the #Pokémon fandom where I have been participating in one-shot contests since 2009 and also am a worldbuilding consultant.

Can be found on #PokéCommunity and #AO3 majorly, sometimes elsewhere. Can be talked to over XMPP/Jabber. Can also play Nintendo #vidya .

@VeniaSilente Hello Venia!

I am also on (also aldersprig). What worlds do you write fanfiction in? Oh, you said POkemon... d'oh. :-) Any others?

Do you do within fanfic? I'm really intrigued by how that works!

@aldersprig Admittedly I once wrote for Final Fantasy, but have pending picking it back up. Also given thought of writing for #AssassinsCreed and #MonsterHunter .

As for worldbuilding in fanfic, it's not that complex! Most story ideas are born to answer a question, and when your story grows (before or after hitting paper) worldbuilding emerges organically. "What do they eat?" "How does Prof. Oak always know when you ride a bike indoors?" "WTF was Team Aqua / Team Magma thinking?"

@aldersprig Just as an example, I once worldbuilt a ton of stuff for the #Nidoran species for a #Pokémon roleplay, from xenobiology to religiousness and folklore.

It wasn't complicated, I just started with the usual "Pokémon as RL creatures but cooler" and went from there. For example part of their folklore is built around rabbits being crepuscular creatures. Also admittedly drew some influences from #WatershipDown as well.

@VeniaSilente ooh, neat. I think the most worldbuilding in a fantasy world I've done so far is adding some back story and potions (and more potions, and more potions) to Harry Potter 'verse.

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