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The first coder was a woman. The first writer of a compiler was a woman. Even the word "computer" was originally a job title for people, mostly women, who did business-related arithmetic. Yet, some people claim the reason women are underrepresented in tech is lack of interest.

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Oh, well that’s alright then. I guess the plagiarism was just supposed to be inspirational 😳

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Because I've been spitting out pkgdown sites I thought it fitting to also bless tidy graph with one. tidygraph.data-imaginist.com

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It’s 2019 and this is how @PNASNews@twitter.com promotes one of its articles. I can’t even t.co/EzhexUVrCO

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Visiting my friends on the west side of LA at @la_Rusers@twitter.com to talk about purrr tonight! You can find my slides at lar-purrr.netlify.com and an interactive learnr app with purrr exercises at malcolmbarrett.shinyapps.io/pu

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Do you want to help Akira happen?
No matter if you're a developer, a designer, or just someone that really wants this tool on Linux, you can help the project by keeping the conversation going.
Head over to GitHub and tell us what you want!

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Look, @CientificoenEsp@twitter.com,
fantastic news for scientists
who want to work in Spain! 😀

If you are very good you can obtain nationality express!!

Ohh, wait a minute...
Only if you are very good at kicking a ball ⚽️🏀
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Definitely my favourite feature of 1.0.

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DYK, Inkscape 1.0beta1 has selection! Click on "Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Theme" to set a custom GTK3 theme! Or add new ones.

Download & test the latest version of : inkscape.org/news/2019/09/08/i

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I've tweeted for many years about how awful Richard "RMS" Stallman is - the pedophilia, the ableism, the misogyny.

Inevitably, each time I do, dudes examine my receipts & then say "all those incidents are from years ago! he's changed now!"

NOPE. medium.com/@selamie/remove-ric

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It’s awesome to see traditionally-Windows OEMs better supporting Linux by getting their firmware out to Linux users. twitter.com/hughsient/status/1

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Streamline 3.0 represents 1 year of work between 7 designers — over 10,000 hours of combined work. 🤜💥🤛
With over 30,000 icons, it's the world’s largest icon library.

See what's new 👉 bit.ly/streamline3

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20 classic games, including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and Stunt Race FX, will be available for members on 9/5! Enjoy a growing catalog of Super NES games with even more titles releasing in the future.


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STOP talking shit about different Data SPECIALTIES

Data Science is EXCITING

Frequentist Statistics is RELIABLE

Software Engineering is CRUCIAL

Bayesian Statistics

Machine Learning is POWERFUL

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Tidy R makes learning HARDER for non-coders. Consider an example.

mtcars %>%
group_by(cyl) %>%
summarise(mpg.mean = mean(mpg))

but in awk it's

awk -F, 'NR>1{mpg[$3]+=$2;len[$3]++}BEGIN{print "cyl\tmpg.mean"}END{for (i in mpg) print i, mpg[i]/len[i]}' OFS='\t' mtcars.txt

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I think we’re all missing the point here. Jane Foster has a PhD in astrophysics. She isn’t “female Thor” or “girl Thor.” She’s DR. Thor

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I just pushed Icon library to flathub flathub.org/apps/details/org.g
It's a small tool that allow you find those symbolic icons pretty easily. We also ship a bunch fancy new icons from the design team 🎉

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Heroic: “@jesswade@twitter.com has added nearly 700 @Wikipedia@twitter.com biographies for important female and minority scientists in less than two years.” 🏆 Literally writing women into history. Thank you! (Currently <20% of Wikipedia bio pages are on women 😳) nytimes.com/2019/07/19/science

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We've started a new journal, the Journal of Data Science, Statistics and Visualisation.

Fully open access, incl. open data and open materials.

Submissions welcome!


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