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Maybe those who have the original, witty and clever idea of saying "Why can't we have a STRAIGHT Pride month?" might ask themselves how many times they've been shamed, bullied, mocked, stigmatised, isolated, beaten, terrorised, assaulted for being straight bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lond

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AWK is simply the best.

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How to (& how not to) parse 25TB of data using awk and . New long blog post on my recent journey setting up a query system for some generated for my lab. I sped up queries by 4,800 times using old-school simple techniques. livefreeordichotomize.com/2019

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😎 Lotta great resources in here…
👨‍🔬 "Tidy Data Science" by @wjakethompson@twitter.com

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Cue the usual “if you have nothing to hide...” chorus, but I view this as an unacceptable intrusion. If that’s the price of admission to the US, I’ll hold off trips. US friends, please come visit the UK before we enact something similar here! bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada

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.@skyetetra@twitter.com's and my book, "Build Your Career in Data Science," is one of @ManningBooks@twitter.com's deal of the day! Get 50% with the code dotd052919tw ($19.99 for a physical copy + the ebook).


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Hospital programs that require spousal approval for tubal ligation should be challenged in every court in this country. Women are autonomous citizens, not incompetent minors or marital property. twitter.com/cboann/status/1132

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I've teamed up with the mighty @Konami@twitter.com to give away SIX codes for the PS4 and Switch versions of "Castlevania Anniversary Collection"!

Simpy RETWEET and reply with:


Depending on your region.

I'll pick SIX winners this Sunday. GOOD LUCK!

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Tomorrow, I’m having a hysterectomy to treat my adenomyosis. There are things I would rather do right now than talk about my abortion, but given what’s happening right now to restrict access to basic healthcare across the US, I’ve decided I can no longer sit on my story.

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To the girls and women in Ohio, Georgia and Alabama and more states to come, I am with you. I will never stop fighting for your rights as a HUMAN. Stay strong and never be ashamed of who you are and what you do with your own body. (10)

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.@noamross@twitter.com showing off his new absolutely magic package redoc - you make a word doc with rmarkdown redoc, someone else edits it in word, you run dedoc, it gives you a new markdown with their edits added! Can even see the diff with redoc_diff


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My favorite discovery of this week: there’s a new packages book in the works! Now from @JennyBryan@twitter.com as well as @hadleywickham@twitter.com. Read it as it develops at r-pkgs.org/. Especially excited about new chapter 2 showing full package development cycle (w/ usethis 📦)!

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is so expressive that software engineer colleagues who never saw a single line of code can review my code.

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Tilix, one of the best terminal emulators on Linux, is looking for a new maintainer github.com/gnunn1/tilix/issues

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PSA: Don't walk away from computer before running devtools::check() one last time!

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