@halcy i'm trying! but you know that bit in roger rabbit where judge doom is tapping shave and a haircut? it's like that once i've thought it.

@aldroid should be Bludient. The last letter of the color in Gradient is also missing.

@forthy i know what you mean! i tried it like that at first, but my mind parsed it as blud-ient which undermines the pun, so the extra "e" forces the structure to be clearer. possibly overthinking this though

@aldroid Or try in Red: Redient. Yellodient. And I have a greedient for you:

@forthy @aldroid first place I went with this was "Rediant" which of course is a radiant hue.

@DinkaChica thank you! and feel free to follow, though i can't promise my usual content is up to this standard :)

@aldroid wouldnt t be BLUdient without e?

because its gradient and not graydient

@kura true, i put the "e" back in because i mentally read "bludient" as "blud-ient"

if shitposting on mastodon has taught me anything it's that i need a proofreader 😅

@aldroid @Mopsi is there one for obsequious ? clearly these are renegade, and i approve lol not that anyone ever ever needed me to sign off on a damn thing, im just at a loss of word play because this is so clever. =p

@aldroid your toot is spot on. i am free bird now. taught important lesson. never and ever ENABLE "show boosts" 😣

i am straight forward 😳


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