function TIC()t,m,w,h=time()/32,math.abs,190,120

absolutely honoured to be a part of byte battle tonight. here's a gif of my effect, before i had to trim it down to 256 bytes

mangetout is the only vegetable that is named after telling a dude to go away, and i admire that

Breaking news! Nintendo have announced their first non-handheld games console since 2012. Called the u-Wii-U, it's most significant feature is that it looks just like Buddy Holly

Why towel off your dog when you can just tuck him up in a towel?

The timetable is here! Also in text form at

Join us from 5pm for demos and love starts early tonight at 10pm GMT, with @reality404 announcing the winners of the compo compo.

If you have a good idea for a demo compo, you have till midday GMT to submit it to the partynet. The main party starts on the 30th and runs over the new year, for great love.

We hope you can join us!

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