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Here's a recording of the demo fron the Transmission64 stream!

also a link on demozoo:

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Greetings from Slipstream! Massive thank you to @aldroid for making this possible!

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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

Ah! today! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

you ever upload your crew's demo, and do some breakdance, and write some nice code, all in the same sunny day? i recommend it

young people these days going on about taylor swift, it's like taylor objective c doesn't exist to them

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@Aleums tracked down the image file of you want it :

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Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!

some people say that scottish men all wear kilts, and that any scottish man wearing trousers is therefore an imposter. this is, however, the no-trews scotsman fallacy

saw an advert for a "black midi dress" but unfortunately it was just a midi dress that happened to be black

i thought i liked running, but after having spent some time talking to people who like running i realise that i am just a walker with hyperactivity

i fucking love lowercase g glyphs. it's the mullet of typography. business at the top, party at the bottom. right descender curling left? sure. left descender curling right? also fine. somewhere in the middle and, you know, just squiggle around? go for it.

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MDT9K will be live in about 3 hours and half :)

lukewarm opinion: i don't actually like plugin integrations. having to go to a different app or website to do something helps me structure my thoughts, and serves as a reminder of what part of my task i'm currently focusing on.

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i was wondering why one of my emojis had suddenly gained a soul patch but it was just a biscuit crumb

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