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I'm going to be doing a livecoding Byte Battle tonight after 8pm BST. Watch me make pretty oldschool computer graphics for 25 minutes, head to head against the legendary and handsome @psenough ! Find it here

somebody design me a cuddly quaternion plushie

H R Giger is short for Human Resources Giger

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oh that's what we're doing today. S T A R I N G I N T O T H E A B Y S S

hey, abyss. i like what you've done with your... nothingness

LB is the hot new hashtag for recommending songs to your friends

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h/t @aldroid for inspiring a badass hashtag for recommending tracks you think your friends need to hear 😃

Yeah, I'm trying to make palgorithm a thing.

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My threejs implementation of the Excel 97 easter egg is basically done. It could use some music, I dunno.

Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away:

Code's here. I'll flesh out the repo soon to be more like my other projects:

i have an uncomfortable relationship with self-deprecation. i feel surrounded by amazing people, while i'm barely showing up sometimes.

but in a lot of places (breaking, demoscene, capoeira) i'm not the newcomer any more. if a newbie hears me dissing my own work, how are they supposed to feel about their work when they try for the first time?

so i'm going to try to talk about what i'm proud of first, and only constructive criticism after that, and keep trying to show up and learn.

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I've heard through the grapevine that the movie, Hackers, was released 1337 weeks ago.

today i have mostly been getting way too excited about 4klang

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begpost for a friend 

A friend of mine, a trans girl from Poland, needs to pay off her payday loan debt (€4370), which she needed to stay afloat. This debt needs to be paid back in a few weeks.

If anyone is able to help her:

#TransCrowdFund #TransSupportFund

i realised just now that with a few intermissions, my tooting has been mostly puns and throwaway humour for a while. this isn't deliberate, i've just had a lot of things to do and only really think of posting something when it is too silly not to share.

i'm still a more or less content human and living as well as i can, and i hope you're all having a lovely day.

people who use bookmarks are up to something

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Saw the news that Tesla is now accepting Bitcoin payments for cars, so I looked up some figures and did some math.

According to Tesla's own figures, a Model 3 saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime compared to a traditional car. A Model 3 costs 0.69-1.21 BTC. Mining one BTC results in 257 tons of CO2 emissions.

For the next time someone tells you Elon Musk is saving the planet.

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Everyone should join the Soundcamp Reveil this weekend -- a beautiful celebration of dawn chorus birdsong beamed from around the world, with added sonic art

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